The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry

The Strange Affair of Uncle Harry

George Sanders stars in this engrossing melodrama about a very domineering sister who holds a tight grip on her brother -- especially when he shows signs of falling in love.

Bachelor Harry Quincey, head designer in a small-town cloth factory, lives with his selfish sisters, glamorous hypochondriac Lettie and querulous widow Hester. His developing relationship ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt O (us) wrote: This may be an over-produced Hallmark Channel television movie , but the cast's charm and performance makes provides its own comedic charm. The plot is very relatable to the standard introvert. A stronger ending and neater tying up of loose ends would have made it a more solid teen movie.

Aoife S (fr) wrote: Not bad! For once Kristen Stewarts awkward acting style is beneficial to a role!

Andrew S (br) wrote: This film is just poor written with it's plot that tries to be something clever but comes off as a generic teeny bopper coming of age film which is populated by one dimensional characters. I think that the kid's parents were the only characters who were interesting and dialogue was quite amusing. Other than that the film is quite boring.

Daniel G (nl) wrote: This is an awfully depressing movie. I guess that a movie that can make you feel any certain way should be considered a successful movie, but it's not exactly my cup of tea.

Scout L (kr) wrote: Silly story but I cared for the lovely characters. the dialogs were funny, good music and some brilliant debates. Also it's worth watching for the great locations they shot in if you care fire such things.

Jaden C (es) wrote: I think I'd rather watch Miley Cyrus grind on Robin Thicke for 2 straight hours than watch this movie again. This is a very offensive movie.

Eric R (au) wrote: Sam's life isnt exactly all roses. His father has died and his girlfriend has dumped him so he spends pretty much all his time hitting the bottle hard. He works part-time at a bar which helps but everything begins to change for him when he meets Anna, a mysterious girl, at a mutual friends party. After that night he can't stop thinking about her and soon enough they begin to see each other. Only problem is that Anna could very well be a vampire. Larry Fessenden's Habit is a minimalistic vampire film that focuses heavily on character development. The script is very well written and has a few truly memorable lines but it's how it paints this fully dimensional character in Sam which makes it truly stand out for me. As a viewer I completely bought everything Larry Fessenden does as Sam. In subtle ways we learn about his fears and things from his past that make him the man he is. He is really an ugly human being whose down-troden attitude are both comical and kinda disgusting. The scene at dinner where he stuffs his face is a perfect example. Of course the vampire aspects of the film are great as well. As Sam is first affected he has all sorts of strange sensory overloads which are well illustrated. There are also some truly eerie amazing dream sequences in the film when Sam begins to feel a transformation beginning and quite frankly they are quite the mind fuck. Its a great example of what a low-budget film can be. It's creatively shot, focused and interesting.

Paul P (jp) wrote: I've heard such things as "you care about the characters" or "it's not about plot but the people" Well that sounds nice but i never cared for a single person in this entire movie. I'm a huge fan of crime movies and this one is easily forgettable.

Petros T (jp) wrote: Typically witty stand-up comedy by the Pythons.

Bob W (ru) wrote: This was the first time dragons were done realistically and with a bit more maturity, though this wyrm wouldn't stand up to Smaug.

Drew W (nl) wrote: I give this a 89/B+.

Sally G (it) wrote: Good. Classic Movie!

Warren M (gb) wrote: Someone's sure to see this as a cult classic 10 years from now

Aiu N (gb) wrote: Long and obviously hard to watch. But all in all it's the payoff that counts, I'm glad the agony is over, and for me, it's a good film.

John O (jp) wrote: Suspenseful and very enjoyable movie but it leaves more questions then answers Who where the three people attacking and tormenting the couple And why Very interesting movie Love the Eery music and the great camera work direction Well worth seeing

Matti R (jp) wrote: Kaikenlaist roskaa sit tuleekin harrastuksen vuoksi katsottua. :D

Nicholas J (jp) wrote: I don't know what people were expecting. All this movie needed to be was a longer version of an episode that tied up loose ends from the show. It totally did all of that. Job well done