The Strange Case of Doctor Rx

The Strange Case of Doctor Rx

Private eye Jerry Church is hired by a criminal defense lawyer after five mobsters he has gotten acquitted are apparently strangled by a serial killer.

Private eye Jerry Church is hired by a criminal defense lawyer after five mobsters he has gotten acquitted are apparently strangled by a serial killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alfredo20 R (it) wrote: I can't believe they're still making these, this better be the last one.

Brandt R (us) wrote: This movie captures the very essence of everything that Metallica has ever done in their entire career worth listening to. Everything wrapped up in a $32 million-dollar commercial failure of what they call a movie. Put aside the side shifting storyline, this is an excellent concert worth every penny they spent on it. If you're a Metallica fan this is a must watch. It was free on Netflix for a while, but now you'll have to rent it. This thing made a little over $7 million dollars, I consider this a triumph for them, but, they are back with the newly anticipated album, Hardwired to Self-Destruct. It's #1 on the album charts, so they are back. And with a vengeance.

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LaKenya B (it) wrote: I watched this movie at least 10 times.

Caque A (nl) wrote: Intensidad y cursileria universitaria.

Maria C (br) wrote: A nice, bright, light like a breez but carrying also some funny dark specificity of the so-called gates of the orient in it. I love balkans and i love this film also. An am Romanian and sorry that my country is in it just in pictures cause of beaurocracy... is like an on the road Arizona Dreams of the South-Eastern Europe.

Andrew O (au) wrote: A fascinating and memorable film about the morality of police corruption, fueled by a smart script and fantastic performances by Hawke and Washington

PrincesseTiah K (kr) wrote: Le titre du film peut se traduire par De tout c?ur. A l'occasion du 50me anniversaire de l'indpendance de l'Inde, Amar (Shahrukh Khan), un des meilleurs journalistes de la radio "All India Radio", fait la connaissance d??une femme mystrieuse qui dit s'appeler Meghna (Manisha Koirala). Mais est-ce son vrai nom ? Le temps d'un voyage au Ladakh, en compagnie d'exils, ils se perdent de vue. Amar dcide de rentrer New Delhi ou il s'apprte pouser Preeti. Quand soudain Meghna resurgit. Amar sent que Meghna porte un lourd secret qui l'empche de l'aimer comme il l'aime. En effet, Meghna a une mission accomplir. Elle fait partie d??un groupe de terroristes et prpare un attentat Delhi. On la dcouvre habite par sa mission, peut-tre attire par une autre vie, par l'envie d'tre une jeune femme amoureuse, mais a-t-elle le choix...? Amar dcouvre enfin le secret et cherche empcher le pire. La course contre la montre commence !

Greg W (au) wrote: another lost review 4 this indie com-dram

Greg R (jp) wrote: I'm sorry guys, I love Spielberg and Indiana Jones, but in my opinion, this is the worst film in the franchise (and yes, I have seen Kingdom of the Crystal Skull)

Steve S (de) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Joseph J (gb) wrote: This movie changed my views on poverty and crime. Given how Filipinos like to demonize the poor, I think it would serve them well to watch this film.

Michael T (us) wrote: Harmless MGM musical is lovely to look at (in Technicolor) but overlong and unfocused; loosely based on the Broadway hit Very Warm for May, the score retains the Jerome Kern song "All the Things You Are;" the film also spun off the hit tunes "Amor" and "Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet."

Erin D (kr) wrote: I like the sequel better, but this has a lot of charm, though slightly contrived.

Sean E (kr) wrote: Sad, but inspiring and touching!