The Strange Love of Molly Louvain

The Strange Love of Molly Louvain

A reporter (Lee Tracy) tails a hotel bellboy (Richard Cromwell) and his girlfriend (Ann Dvorak) who are wanted for a policeman's shooting.

Molly Louvain's plans for a respectable marriage with her sweetheart Jimmy fall through so she takes to the road with a two-bit crook and becomes wanted by the police in connection with a high-profile crime. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alexander G (ag) wrote: The movie tried too hard to "Play It Cool" and overuses daydream/fantasy sequences and voice over narration. Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan have decent on screen chemistry though it is never used to its potential. The movie shows that even with a star filled ensemble cast a weak script and bad direction can make a sub-par cliche ridden rom-com.

Jason L (au) wrote: i think the critics are a little hard on this film, the leads put in good premformances. the ideas of future tech are well done and thought out. yes there are faults with the plot, instead of letting the story expand into a sci fi classic that could told the story after the end. they go the old route of turning a great idea into a another zombie horror flick. Maybe budget held them back. that all being said its a movie i watched several times for its centre performances good sci fi ideas. i thought Dennis Quaid was impressive in his role.

Todd L (us) wrote: A gallant attempt to make a film in the style of a 50's B flick. The biggest problem with the movie is that the filmmakers shoot themselves in the foot with the first ten minutes...a fake documentary preceding the feature telling about how this film supposedly ruined the lives of everyone involved with it. It almost completely cancels out the spirit of fun the rest of the film tries to put forth.

Guillaume L (de) wrote: Regarder le film de 2e partie de soiree sur TF1 n'a pas du m'arriver souvent, on ne m'y reprendra plus. Hormis la fin narnaresque avec un mechant qui refuse de mourir et qui vocifere a tout-va, un navet policier avec 2 de tension.

Amanda A (fr) wrote: Sorry but i was never a John wayne fan !!!!!

John M (ag) wrote: It's a crazy story with a crazy character Jim Carrey plays in here and I like how kind of ridiculous and satirical it is but also has really heartfelt and emotional moments. The relationship between him and Ewan McGregor feels very brief, and it seems to focus on more of the scams Jim Carrey does with too much voiceover and exposition but it's very original stylistically.

Andy V (fr) wrote: An interesting view of Iran's hardliners and society in general.

Li W (it) wrote: This was such a good surprise of a movie. I couldn't stop watching. It was just a great storyline, beautiful.