The Strange One

The Strange One

A military school student develops a destructive power over his fellow cadets.

Jocko De Paris, cadet leader in a Southern military academy, so manipulates events that George Avery, Jr., son of the school's executive officer, is found drunk and expelled. Through ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark A (br) wrote: Though not as eye-gougingly awful as its predecessor- a few of the shorts this time around are actually executed with a bit of artistic and thematic merit- The ABCs of Death 2 overall represents a lot more of the same uneven and tedious material, and it's seldom funny or scary

Craig W (it) wrote: Action / killing junkies will maybe be happy but this is a lame version of the Jason Bourne or Lara Croft .. "no one gets in my way" movie. Kevin Bacon does pretty well as an Englishman and Djimon Houston does exactly what you expect from him. Reasonable acting, very average plot, pretty poor delivery. Not appalling but I was pretty bored about 2/3 through. RobbedAgain.

Gabriella B (us) wrote: deep,intense , acute and sadly unforgettable..I suggest see it to everybody!

eJana (mx) wrote: The film is good. If it was meant to be a comedy I must admit I could not laugh... I did not cry either... The film describes quite bitterly life of students of a Prague grammar school, their teachers and their parents... All people in the film face stress and troubles and they behave nervously... In this point the film is a good mirror of real life in these days.

Logan M (br) wrote: The genocides in Rwanda are an often neglected topic of political discussion. This movie depicts what ordinary people will do to protect others.

Richard T (ca) wrote: Alyssa Milano Gets Naked: The Movie

Irene S (es) wrote: first of all this movie is long. 2 hours and 30 minutes, second it is in french with english subtitles then thr plot is so twisted you have to pay extra attention to it all. margot's brothers are trying to become kings so betqeen them trying to poison one another the elder king decides to marry his only daughter Margot to a non Catholic king for liason. well it does not go well, margot falls in love with a peasant and all hell breaks through.

kelly b (gb) wrote: i remember the tv series lol very funny

Alex B (mx) wrote: A great-looking film, but it makes no sense to me, unless it's just Fassbinder imagining himself and his associates in a film noir criminal underworld setting (and/or it's a sequel to Love is Colder than Death).

Tomas T (fr) wrote: More known for his Westerns, director Anthony Mann proves that his distinctive directing is well suited to depict more modern conflict with utmost reality. As probably most already knew, real war is completely the opposite of what Hollywood's block busters make it out to be. In reality, large portion of War is battling against boredom and inconveniences due to lack of everyday commodities and only tiny fraction of time is spent in adrenaline pumping combat. In this sense Anthony Mann's realistic directing style pays homage to largely forgotten Korean conflict as it depicts war in most realistic way I have seen so far. This can be considered a good and bad thing as realistic approach to war does not in this instance transform into a thrilling movie experience. Men in War tells a straightforward story of Lt. Benson and the desperate situation his encircled platoon faces in Korean battle field. Exhausted and encircled, Benson and his platoon need to break through strong enemy defenses and capture a hill in order to reach friendly lines. The story is simple and Robert Ryan as the lead actor fills the boots of lieutenant Benson well. Anthony Mann's great directing brings a sense of realism and intensity to each scene and makes it easy for viewer to immerse themselves in Korean conflict. These factors make Men in War technically a great and realistic war film, but with action scenes - as in reality - far and few between, there is no escaping the fact that Men in War is a somewhat tedious film. Now I can appreciate the realism and stunning shots Mann produced with the film, they are really fantastic, but cannot overlook the fact that the film failed to keep me interested in it due to slow pace and lack of action.

John C (de) wrote: A truly funny and delightful romp, although not quite as madcap as I would have liked.

Vinnie G (br) wrote: I'm told this is one of the first Gangster movies to have been made - it's also 20th Century Fox' first film - and its themes are as visceral and deafening as any modern take on its plot, despite it being silent.

Stephen L (de) wrote: Stupid plot and hours of boredom