The Stranger

The Stranger

Bonnie Bedilia stars in this psychological thriller about a woman who witnesses a murder and then flees. During her escape, she has a car accident. She becomes an amnesia victim and although, she doesn't know her own identity, is able to describe the murder, but doesn't remember where it occurred or who was involved.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:93 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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A woman suffering from amnesia discovers that she is the sole surviving witness to a brutal murder. Although the police can find no clues about any murder, the killers begin to hunt her. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gum Chewing G (it) wrote: Let's just say this deserves 0/5 just because justin bieber is in it

xGary X (fr) wrote: A day labourer whose employer dies of an overdose takes his place at a clandestine meeting hoping for work, but instead finds himself a forced participant for a deadly underground gambling ring. 13 is the low budget debut from Franco-Georgian auteur Gela Babluani and has a kind of brutal intensity that has inspired comparisons with Fight Club because of its premise involving ordinary men engaged in a secret, violent organisation. This film, although displaying a kind of brutal and gut-wrenching intensity during the incredibly tense "game" sequences, it fails to explore the kind of knowing wit and social satire of David Fincher's film. The concept of the impoverished and disenfranchised being forced to participate in a game which could result in their deaths while the rich gamble only money they can afford to lose could have made a really nice analogy for the current financial climate, but the script instead settles for taking the safe route of a generic thriller making for a rather unsatisfying ending. A shame because there's a lot of potential in the idea as political allegory but it's worth seeing for the disturbing duel sequences alone.

Jake Z (fr) wrote: It's in some kind of no man's land between art and porn. But it's not very artistic, and it's not titillating enough to be pornographic. Two people meet up, fuck, and go to concerts. Repeat that a few times and you have 9 Songs. Winterbottom has proven to be a strong filmmaker before and after this (kind of.) I simply can not figure out what he was trying to do here, there's simply nothing there. It's not the fact that the sex is unsimulated and explicit that bothers me, it's that nothing fresh or meaningful is done with it. Dull, lifeless, and frankly, pointless.

Lilian B (au) wrote: Kinda softcore sex thriller.With a very goodlooking Richard Grieco.

Eva R (ca) wrote: The perfect 'date movie'. Subtle, strange, and touching.

Rick M (mx) wrote: Steven Spielberg's adaptation of J. G. Ballard's novel. Empire of the Sun is an excellent historical drama that, in my opinion, nearly rivals the cinematic quality of Saving Private Ryan.The film centres around a young boy named Jim (Christian Bale) who lives with his affluent parents in Shanghai in the midst of World War II. During a riot he is separated from his family and starts living on the streets until he is eventually taken to a Japanese internment camp. His experiences there carve away his narcissism and naivete that his rich lifestyle had previously granted him. Empire of the Sun is an extremely touching, emotionally compelling drama that incorporates beautiful cinematography and brilliant performances into a masterpiece that is regrettably overlooked by most viewers and critics.

roslyn o (kr) wrote: Mickey Rourke at his best! And Liam Neeson at his best as well so what can i say!!! A must see (And love)

Mike W (de) wrote: An incredibly clever, prescient and even, fittingly, somewhat prophetic film. All the main characters are sensational - you know it's a good film when Robert Duvall is the weak link. It is filled with a biting satire that cuts deeply into individualiam, ideologies and of course, television.

Haydn W (br) wrote: Nick Charles is a lush.

William W (us) wrote: Bette Davis in her prime, in a meeting with Bogie working his way up to the big time. A fine thriller continuing Lloyd Bacon's strong run of movies in the 1930's. Definitely one not to miss, if you have the opportunity!

Gav R (au) wrote: brilliant sequel, funniest of the lot. Total bond piss take full of funny clips

John R (nl) wrote: 170122: My step-son, now 24, returned this movie to me raving about the soundtrack. He's now in the music industry, musician, and the film takes him back. I probably haven't seen this film in fifteen years but since he dug it out, delved in. Great story. Great soundtrack. Pretty fantastic art. Still great 18 years later and it took me back as well.