The Stranger

The Stranger

A well-off Indian family is paid an unexpected, and rather unwanted, visit by a man claiming to be the woman's long lost uncle. The initial suspicion with which they greet the man slowly dissolves as he regales them with stories of his travels, tales that are at odds with their conventional middle class perspective on the world.

An well-off family is paid an unexpected, and rather unwanted, visit by a man claiming to be the woman's long-lost uncle. The initial suspicion with which they greet the man slowly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Troy K (es) wrote: I almost turned it off in the beginning because the numbers that start him off on his journey are shaky at best and not really backed up in any way, but as he finally finds others to back his claim it all comes together. Probably the best argument I have ever heard to go vegan, but I'm still thinking beef enchiladas for dinner tomorrow night. Sorry earth.

Jade Z (ru) wrote: It's a great movie, with small cost and huge gain. The plots were well designed and the actors are all of the best in China. I mean, they can really act, instead of simply having good-looking faces. It is really a potty for people who don't speak Chinese. Although the English scripts were translated very well, still hard for non Chinese speakers to get the punch line sometimes. But I mean, it's always difficulty for comedies to be translated and shared by people from different countries, isn't it.

Arash B (au) wrote: Not bad But it's a typical prison movie & has nothing special

Phillie E (ag) wrote: Watchable made for TV mob flick. Armand Assante does a fine job.

Ted W (mx) wrote: Terrible special effects, I was bored the whole movie, hope it's not a real video game. The 2011 remake was awesome but this version the original is terrible. Terrible costumes, special effects, and the fighting too terrible.

Armando P (ca) wrote: Fincher was forced to make this movie and it's obvious.

Donna H (au) wrote: When Angels Sing could become the modern day answer to It's a Wonderful Life. It's more than a one tissue movie, but with a definite uplifting and feel good ending. Nick (Willie Nelson) our modern day Clarence befriends cynic Michael (Harry Connick Jr) rivals George Bailey in searching to find out what is really important in life -- like family and building those special memories. Sit back and enjoy the cameo performances of many Austin TX musicians. Let the residents of Live Oak Lane welcome you to their extended family and let's hope that When Angels Sing becomes a perennial holiday favorite for years to come.

Steve D (it) wrote: Love it! Does that make me a girl? Helped a lot by my huge crush on Dushku. But this movie is great in its own right

Michael H (us) wrote: So much wasted potential..

Tasha D (ca) wrote: meni ekstremno dosadan!!!

David S (ca) wrote: The Man From Earth is a simple movie with a simple premise. It is mostly set in a room, and most of the substance comes from the dialogue. And with that, it becomes a very interesting movie bringing provocative and exciting ideas to light, with a vast array of "what ifs?" and unanswerable questions. The Man From Earth is sure to encourage discussion, dispute and debate, and with that, proves that it is definitely worth a watch.