The Stranger in Me

The Stranger in Me

A young couple in love: Rebecca (32) and her boyfriend Julian (34) are expecting their first child and are full of pleasant expectation. As Rebecca gives birth to a healthy boy their luck seems to be perfect. But instead of the unconditional motherly love she was expecting she is thrown into an emotional turmoil. Helplessness and desperation reign and her own baby is a stranger to her. With every day that passes her inability to meet the demands of motherhood become more and more apparent. Unable to admit this to anyone, not even Julian, she falls into a deep darkness - to the point that she realises she is becoming a threat to her child. Now only unconditional love can bring her back on track…

A young couple in love: Rebecca (32) and her boyfriend Julian (34) are expecting their first child and are full of pleasant expectation. As Rebecca gives birth to a healthy boy their luck ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter O (de) wrote: What a truly remarkable man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mat T (ru) wrote: Un film fidle l'esprit du dessin anim (C) et celui de la BD. Et une bande son de qualit (C). On regrettera cependant la 3D quasi inexistante ici

Christopher H (ag) wrote: Questionable and not frightening in the least bit, "The Silent House" and director Gustavo Hernandez drop the ball with this lacking, wannabe thriller. Most of the time, when venturing back to see the original film that inspired the American remake, you find that it is far superior, but in this case, the American version is without a doubt more creepy and more spine-tingling than this unique, but wasted concept of the one long-take horror film. Florencia Colucci and the direction she is given is delivered at a snails pace and eventually lands on the scale of watching paint dry. There is no motivation and her emotions are all over the place, unbalanced, and unwarranted. The after credits sequence adds nothing to the film, and even at 79 minutes this film feels far too long. Never would I have guessed that the remake would be better, but upon a second viewing of the remake, I will certainly confirm this. Score one for America.

Michelle A (br) wrote: no info = no interest

Mark L (gb) wrote: Bon Sujet..... Mauvais Film !!!!

Jerico T (es) wrote: A simple and peaceful plotted film that will leave hundreds of messages.

John B (nl) wrote: Good but slightly barfy film about daughters and dying mothers. I'm sure if you like that sort of thing, this is right up your alley.

Dillon L (it) wrote: havnt seen this movie in yrs and its amazing. it blew me away a very tragic movie

Brandon M (fr) wrote: I once was a teenage werewolf. It's not all that it's cracked up to be.

Charlie G (kr) wrote: Two devoted partners who work well together

Jonathan K (ca) wrote: Mary Elizabeth Winstead is spectacular in her role. One of the best performances in an understated and succinct screenplay I've seen. The story feels true to life but it's the actors who have made it sincere.

Suanne R (de) wrote: This is the truly gripping tale of Ma di Tau ("Mother of Lions") as she fights for her life and those of her young cubs. I was left equal parts amazed and agonized by this film; amazed by the will and perserverance of this lone lioness and agonized by the heart-wrenching drop in the lion population. In 50 years lions have gone from some 450,000 to only 20,000 left in the wild. The cinematography in this film is beautiful, sweeping across Botswana's Okavango Delta in colors only nature can make. A National Geographic must-see.

Iman F (it) wrote: A mash-up of Unfriended and The Den that somehow in place of mediocre.

Simon T (br) wrote: They've got the movie info screwed on this one. It should read:"Since the death of his wife Kathy two years earlier, Jack Andrews' (Val Kilmer) life has been a shambles. Jack spends his days at the local bar, his nights in the casino and sees Kathy in every beautiful woman. Fay Forrester (Joanne Whalley), gorgeous and streetwise, has just stolen three quarters iof a million of the mob's dollars and needs to dissappear. Forever.She asks Jack to fake her death and he succeeds beyond his wildest dreams - everyone believes Fay is dead."A great little noir also starring Michael Madsen in a role similar to the one he would later take on in Reservoir Dogs.

S F (es) wrote: This movie was so good! Very thrilling and well done. The acting was fantastic. The directing and camera shots were superb. Definitely a must see if you like movies based on true events.