The Stranger in Us

The Stranger in Us

In this verité-style drama, Anthony, a newcomer to San Francisco, attempts to come to terms with his abusive ex-lover when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a street hustler.

In this verité-style drama, Anthony, a newcomer to San Francisco, attempts to come to terms with his abusive ex-lover when he strikes up an unlikely friendship with a street hustler. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurel S (de) wrote: this movie is by far one of the funniest and most realistic movies that I've ever seen he goes through the daily life of a woman going through her as a divorce and dealing with the same concepts of weight and pain and dealing with her body image that teenage girls and women everywhere deal with everyday. this was a wonderful movie to see and I would recommend it to everyone

Robert I (es) wrote: una pelicula muy simple pero atrapante.

Lori20 H (ru) wrote: By the end, I really didn't care what happened to any of the characters in this movie. That's 2 hours of my 40s that I'll never get back...

Mikey P (ca) wrote: i'm not a star wars fan, but this was pretty neat.there are a lot of crazy fans out there

Peter W (jp) wrote: There is a ton of history about filming in the Philipinnes that I've never heard before.

Shoan M (jp) wrote: WTF! Totally wasted movie. Akshay and Kareena are the only saving grace to a movie gone totally wrong.

Mark L (jp) wrote: Astonishingly slow to get going, but when it does it's really suspenseful and interesting. Still, a little unforgivable that in a film that's only 1:20 long, the first 0:30 of that is people stood around talking.

meera j (ag) wrote: rajini,shankar and rahman -all have shown their greatness in sivaji.its really COOL......

Manuel O (kr) wrote: Not even in the same league as Mask or Freeze, but it's ok

Tobias E (ru) wrote: Lidt en mrkelig film der ikke helt kan vlge om den er en komedie, krimi, drama eller thriller... Bliver dog bedre mod slutningen hvor den dropper komikken.

Knox M (kr) wrote: This movie isn't entertaining. It forces you too embrace in its cringe-worthy "charm" Clockwork Orange style.

Amie S (es) wrote: A surreal comedy from the UK starring two bickering (but ultimately likeable) British comedians, Skeletons is a humorous exploration of the things people hide.Bennet (Andrew Buckely) and Davis (Ed Gaughan) are best friends and Extraction Specialists for a firm that works to clear the clutter out of people(TM)s lives. They use specialized tools to physically manifest people(TM)s secrets in their actual household closets " sort of like emotional Ghostbusters.But when a case involving a strange family and a man(TM)s disappearance lands in their lap, Bennet starts to question whether he(TM)s cut out for the distant coldness that(TM)s required of the job, and Davis struggles with an addiction to "glow-chasing" (the term attached to jumping into someone(TM)s past memory and reliving it).Packed with crisp British humor and touching moments, Skeletons may lose you a few times during some of the trippier memory sequences, but hang in there. Its charm will win you over by the end.

Hardy M (jp) wrote: I'm only giving this 4 out of 5 stars because I DO NOT agree with the title. It should have been called: "Zapped" and it should have starred Scott Baio. YES, I undersatand that Scott Baio was actually in a film called "Zapped", but I'm saying they should have applied this script to that title and actor. Then we would have had the epic 5 star film we desereved to get. SIDE NOTE: Ernest Borgnine had his back waxed twice during the filming of this feature. (the first waxing didn't "take")

Michael M (gb) wrote: Basically take my review of the first Charlie's Angels and apply it here. All the same problems, all the same good stuff. Except I liked this one a little bit more. I think it's because this one is willing to go a lot crazier, and ends up being much more entertaining. You can tell just from the opening action scene, which absolutely bats*** bonkers, exactly what you're in for. This is basically a cartoon. Yes the CGI is dated, but since the insanity of the stunts already require a drastic amount of suspension of disbelief, I guess I didn't mind so much. The comedy elements are a lot better too. There's more from the side characters who I liked from the first one (Luke Wilson and Matt LeBlanc) plus the addition of John Cleese. Bernie Mac replaces Bill Murray in this one, and while I love Bill Murray, it's clear Bernie Mac is having a much more enjoyable time in the role (just read about the behind the scenes drama on the first) and as such he ends up being more enjoyable to watch. They also go further with the angels' quirks, making them funnier. I guess why it works more is whereas the first movie seemed to try to balance between the goofiness and realism, this one goes full shameless goofiness, and that made it more enjoyable. Is it a great movie? Hell no, I don't even know if I can even call it a good movie. However, for what it is, it's harmless fun.

Andy T (ca) wrote: With a complex original story and several excellent performances on display, the Coen brothers created their best film with brilliant dialogue and unexpected comedic moments, all converged to become a meaningful, and often times darkly beautiful, cinematic masterpiece.

David B (it) wrote: Seems as though many people overlook the film's hilarious meta-cinema structure. The dialogue and acting of the inserts from the propaganda film are deliberately awkward & clich. This alone makes "Kiss of the Spider Woman" way ahead of its time!