The Strangler

The Strangler

An overweight lab technician with low self esteem, brought on by his dominant mother, becomes a serial killer of female nurses.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1964
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   nurse,   police,  

An overweight lab technician with low self esteem, brought on by his dominant mother, becomes a serial killer of female nurses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jc E (ru) wrote: An X-file type story except there is is no Mulder or Scully except for the underdying motherly love of Julliane Moore to save mother earth from the Aliens. This was an improvement of the TV series because we saw the booming sudden abduction of unsuspecting humans.

Casey B (ru) wrote: Really not sure what to think of this one. Need a second viewing to take everything in.

Private U (nl) wrote: Otra pelicula no apta para pseudointelectuales, muy muy incoherente, con chistes muy tontos a veces casi descachados, pero a mi me parecio divertida, ademas la mera presencia de Gisela Van Lacke basta para verla :O *drools*

Jiana W (br) wrote: I wasn't a big fan of the black and white dream sequences between Wes and his guardian angel. The main characters have a cute and believable relationship with each other, where they are *almost* more than friends but circumstances keep getting in the way. I thought the dialogue between Wes and Alison seemed sort of improvved, like it wasn't in the script and the actors just went with it. Their conversations sounded like the kind of random, teasing nonsense that usually passes between two good friends. So I kind of liked that aspect. But I can't say I liked the abrupt ending all that much.

Jason K (es) wrote: *credits roll* .....what did i just watch? *rubs eyes*

Ken V (ru) wrote: Beautifull docu filmed very artsy , almost no "interviewing" but stunning use of visuals and setting, the movie follows the roma people in there musical oddessey. Across the globe from India, Egypt, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, France, and Spain dancers and musicians show a beautifull inside of the musical heritage that is nowadays simplified to "gipsy-music"

JASON R (nl) wrote: good movie for Olivia D'abo fan's

Des L (es) wrote: I remember seeing this - probably on TV but had forgotten all about it, until chatting to Chris from the Co-Operative Bank. He told me he was "Andrew Burke" in it. So there!

Marco P (jp) wrote: I am sure I have watched this movie some time ago and I rated it here on facebook but probably something happened and the rate got deleted? Or I am just confusing with another movie?No I am sure I watched this movie. I always rate movies here too and it is strange there is not (I have checked the trailer now and I am sure I watched it).This movie is very moving. Very inspiring I think.

Jens T (au) wrote: William Wyler's Dodsworth is the story about the middle-aged business man, Sam Dodsworth (Walter Huston) who decides to retire and spend more time with his wife, Fran (Ruth Chatterton), so they decides to tour Europe together. Sam has never been outside the states and is very excited, but Fran on the other have been used to casual trips to Europe while her husband was busy working, often accompanied by other men. While Sam wants to go sightseeing, Fran wants to go to fancy dinner parties, which Sam finds extremely boring, and haves to go on his own, where he meets Edith, who seems to enjoy his company.Dodsworth is a good film, that shows us a broken marriage with a lot of holes, no romance and differences that it's simply can't hold on any longer, and it's hopelessly attempt to hold it together. And this movie was made in the 1930s, but then again it only follows rich people. But it's a well crafted film, were the characters must choose, and where there's no forgiveness. Where the characters are independent. But it also give us a pretty good portray of the negative theme of being old which is Fran's biggest fear, a theme that is still actual to day. Overall a good film with a great plot and good performances. Thumbs up.

Christopher B (us) wrote: Not quite as good as the previous one but very entertaining.

jay n (br) wrote: Strictly minor league musical despite Fred's presence. This is one of a couple low rent films he did between splitting with Ginger and landing at MGM.