The Stray

The Stray

Summer school, what a bummer! That is what Mason, Aidan, Maddie, Melinda and Luke are thinking on the first day of school. Bored, the five of them are daydreaming about what they might be doing if they weren't in school. But when a cute little stray pup they name Chewy wanders into their school, the days are anything but boring. The four of them must unite to help keep Chewy out sight of the principal, Ms. Thistle. What ensues is an elaborate game of hide- and-seek as they not only try to keep Chewy from being discovered, but also clean up the messes he leaves behind. The kids come up with one creative hiding place after another, even enlisting the help of school staff members to keep Chewy's presence under wraps. This game of hide-and-seek can't last forever, or can it? Or will Ms. Thistle catch on to their little secret, and capture them red handed in possession of The Stray? Written by Larry & Stan (

Summer school, what a bummer! That is what Mason, Aidan, Maddie, Melinda and Luke are thinking on the first day of school. Bored, the five of them are daydreaming about what they might be ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mayank F (es) wrote: if entertainment is ur take......this movie is undeniably ur logic, no sense, no original script, no original dialogues and from what little its left with, it makes the best out of it. Acting is okay, direction is both: pleasant and disturbing at times but the key to this film is its madness which takes u on an entertaining ride.

Sharon B (jp) wrote: Just saw the movie with my 9 year old Niece and she lived every minute. Perfect movie for, I also loved it.

Andrea A (ru) wrote: A me sto film ha fatto piet! scontato,scontato, scontato... non so perch Raul Bova abbia accettato.

Tara M (fr) wrote: i didn't think this was gonna be much of a movie to watch but as the story line went on you start to feel an emotion. near the end i felt like i wanted to cry

Scott S (de) wrote: A pretty good movie - the 2 leads have great chemistry and also appear in a gay indie flick called Long Term Relationship (a better movie).

Don S (gb) wrote: Well told story, nicely acted. The pacing is a bit slow, and the characters are not as deep as they should be (some are merely caricatures). The erotic scenes are very well done. Worth watching.

Gwen M (it) wrote: Nothing groundbreaking. But if you are a fan of French rom-coms like me, you'll enjoy it. great cast...especially love the character of Francoise and how he evolves.

ach (br) wrote: This movie seriously influenced me with the choice of music, multi perspectives.The ending was just too epicly sad how she died.This is one of John Patricks best acting

Chris C (br) wrote: A powerful attempt to expose misconceptions towards religion that have been speciously accepted as traditional norms for generations. Audacious and unforgettable.

Gwen M (kr) wrote: what a heartwarming and heartwrenching film. the Allende-Pinochet event as seen through the eyes of 2 young boys from different economic backgrounds.

gustavmarkovic31 (es) wrote: lame, lame, lame. terrible animation and not one funny comment, joke, slapstick moment or anything that could pass in something else as funny.

Cory K (kr) wrote: A bunch of shorts strung together into a satisfyingly warm, and humorous whole.

Petros T (ca) wrote: "Face/Off" is preposterous but hopefully doesn't take itself too seriously. The script is kinda sketchy, yet the action makes up for it, as does the way that the lines between the two main characters and their lives become increasingly blurry as the film progresses. John Travolta and Nicolas Cage have some great moments and some mediocre ones as well, similarly to director John Woo, who at times displays an exciting sense for aesthetics in his action and at times just feels a little expendable.

Erno K (es) wrote: I do so miss the martial arts movies of the eighties and nineties. They were such a cool genre in itself that never took itself too seriously. It's back to the roots for me, goddammit! I had never heard of this Loren Avedon fellow before, but apparently he was the shit inside the genre way back when. Let's start with the acting though. It is absolutely horrible. Like, so shitty it's funny, which only adds to the nostalgia. Everyone knows karate, including the most crappiest henchmen, which is awesome and should be incorporated into every movie. There's the reclusive master, who likes to train with coconuts and ropes (this is a given). There are laughable training montages to 80s music, after which there are hokey flashbacks amidst fighting to said training montages. All the best aspects of martial arts movies are there. Except good fights. I don't like fights that are sped up, nor do I like excess closeups (you know the ones, a leg hits a guy in the cheek in slow motion) or flying. I'm not even totally convinced of the head dude's prowess. Now, his master Prang on the other hand... Wow, that fucker should have been the star. The only sequence where he kicks ass is incredible. The bad guy's three-hit-kombo-of-death is awesome as well, although it would be hilariously ineffective in a real fight. I watched the movie only because I found out many people who love the genre dig it. I should have seen it in my younger years, now I'm spoiled by better movies. With some better choreography this one could have been one of the greats. There seems to be a reason I had never heard of this Loren Avedon fellow. Although he talks shit to his opponents very well. "That's the problem with you Orientals. All that mystical shit!" That's a great line though.

Jonathan L (es) wrote: A fun and grueling yet funny guilty pleasure in the Troma mode about two cannibal brothers who want to bring a goddess back to life. Shocking, gory and has a dark sense of humor.

James M (ag) wrote: A sex farce typical of it's time. The plot is quite bad taste and the acting isn't much better, Michael Caine notwithstanding.

Matt C (jp) wrote: One half of this is a very decent film...unfortunately as soon as Jagger arrives on screen (man he can't act) it then descends into utter hippy free-love twaddle. Don't bother.

Jens T (nl) wrote: I'm some times very found of Jean-Luc Godard's restlessness, but some times it became to political that I stop to loose interest, when some of his movies are in fact propaganda. 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her, is the story about a parisian housewife who is about to experience the new sixties Paris, in all secret of corse. I didn't find anything interesting about this movie, except staring into a cup of coffee, not my cup on the table, but on the screen, where we just watch the coffee foam split and move in all directions. Besides that one scene. This film is actually to used a simple term: boring. Thumbs down.

JeanPaul S (nl) wrote: Gleefully subverts the Pygmalion prototype.

Eliabeth I (mx) wrote: I want to see this movie