The Streetwalker

The Streetwalker

Sigismond (Joe Dallesandro) is a man lost in an erotic haze which clouds his judgment. Early in the film, it is evident that the man has a physically passionate relationship with his wife, ...

Sigismond (Joe Dallesandro) is a man lost in an erotic haze which clouds his judgment. Early in the film, it is evident that the man has a physically passionate relationship with his wife, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Juanchy L (jp) wrote: I dont know how anyone can enjoy this dissaster of a movie if you even call it that way .This piece of crap looks awful , the direction is a mess the camera is allways shaking and the editing is one of the worst i have ever seen. The characters are so bland and boring and the story doesnt make any sense. Is full of stupid and obvious jumpscares and use the same resources over and over again to create "tension" . The score is generic and shitty as it can get. I mean this is the worst movie ive seen in a long time and it makes me angry i really feel that i can spend my time better staring at my bedroom wall. Its really bad please dont watch this never.

Kathy A (de) wrote: Amazing cinematography and pacing to keep you on your toes throughout. The story cleverly weaves the day to day life of an everyday Paraguay market with a kidnapping gone wrong. You won't mind reading subtitles for this.

Logan N (jp) wrote: One of the finest music related films. Rudderless wears its heart on its sleeve, and is masterful in what it says, and doesn't say, even if its final act falls a bit short of the mark.

Thomas W (nl) wrote: This is a satisfyingly odd, little Norse film ... and Norse films don't get much recognition stateside even as its neighboring Sweden has had quite a few high-profile releases over the last couple of years (Let the Right One In, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series etc). Stellan Skarsgard (Pirates of the Caribbean, Momma Mia!, Angels & Demons) stars as Ulrik, who is the somewhat gentle man of the title. Ulrik has just been reluctantly released from prison after serving 12 years for murder. He is uncertain with how he wants to progress in life and his various relationships with his estranged wife and son, his former friends, his gangster/thug co-workers etc. He was ratted-out 12 years ago and his gangster pals expect Ulrick to get even and settle that score by killing the snitch; but Ulrick quickly makes other plans when he discovers that his son's wife is expecting his first grandchild! Ulrick is conflicted as he wants to become a solid, respectable part of his son's life ... although the young wife wants nothing to do with a violent murderer and fears his presence. Ulrik is constantly nagged by his "friend" Jensen to get even and pay him back (Jensen supported Ulrik's wife and child when Ulrik was in the joint) and it is his constant attempts at persuasion that keeps Ulrik even considering offing another human being (he believes he has paid his debt to society after killing the man who was having an affair with his very own wife). It is a layered story (not-too-complicated) full of eccentric and drab characters. Some of the situations and scenarios are unbelievably strange ... Ulrik's "payments" to his new land-lady are eye-poppingly weird (credit these bizarre scenes to the film's director). Ulrik is a somewhat gentle man and he is pushed and prodded here and there. He is told what to do and when to do it. He is a puppet to some and he can handle a lot of pressure that is put upon him; but we must remind ourselves that he is only somewhat gentle. The film's finale is satisfying and this is where the "somewhat" comes into play. A Somewhat Gentle Man has some heady/heavy plot points; but it is all handled with a slight ease that never allows it to feel burdensome -- and Skarsgard is great. This is a somewhat strange, subtitled piece of work -- take that as either somewhat of a warning or somewhat of an invitation.

Aaron C (kr) wrote: funny movie about kisses and how they can wreck a platonic friendship. the last scene is quite a breathtaker.

Clment G (kr) wrote: Que penser des Francais qui tentent de singer les Americains et leurs recettes a succes ? Qu'ils sont courageux ? pitoyables ? faineants ? "Hellphone", fantaisie hexagonale, lorgne largement du cote du teenage-movie en choisissant le prisme de l'horreur (tres edulcoree, avouons-le). Sans doute que le cachet cocorico (Paris, le lycee Henri IV) saurait seduire les distributeurs etrangers. James Huth croit avoir du style dans ses cadrages "zarbis" et ses zooms hysteriques et Jean-Baptiste Maunier prete ses traits agreables mais plutot inexpressifs au heros. Malgre ca, le resultat n'est pas detestable. Il est juste rapidement oublie, une fois vu. Il manque juste le premisse d'une reflexion pour conserver ce film en memoire.

Brian G (kr) wrote: Excellent story of another world another time. We really feel for the future of these people. Near perfect filmmaking.

Tasha D (es) wrote: istinita prica o modelu i jednoj od prvih zena zarazena sidom... angelina pokidala, perfektna.

Shane P (nl) wrote: I love Stephen Frears because he has a way of blending theatrical writing into cinematic writing. But, I think he fell short on this one. It leaned too heavy on the theatrical for my movie tastes.