The Strong Man

The Strong Man

A meek Belgian soldier (Harry Langdon) fighting in World War I receives penpal letters and a photo from "Mary Brown", an American girl he has never met. He becomes infatuated with her by long distance. After the war, the young Belgian journeys to America as assistant to a theatrical "strong man", Zandow the Great (Arthur Thalasso). While in America, he searches for Mary Brown... and he finds her, just as word comes that Zandow is incapacitated and the little nebbish must go on stage in his place.

A meek Belgian soldier (Harry Langdon) fighting in World War I receives penpal letters and a photo from "Mary Brown", an American girl he has never met. He becomes infatuated with her by ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Anna C (br) wrote: This comedy is great!!

Peter P (gb) wrote: Well, it lived up to its name, it was a dino and a shark, and it was also pretty terrible, in a fun campy way, although Eric Balfour was not all bad in the lead.

Facebook U (it) wrote: I have no idea what is wrong with the critics. Can they just respect a good story for once. I found myself engaged the whole way through, and even though the movie is 2 and a half hours long, I never felt like there was any slow time. Christian Bale? Holy hell he kills it in this movie, and everyone else is pretty good too. Plus, not to mention this movie produced a romance I actually cared about. Nothing felt forced. Cinematography? Absolutely gorgeous, and I mean gorgeous. The camera work is amazing. Now I feel obliged to mention this movie is hard to watch, especially considering it actually happened. The film is brutal, but I can only imagine how brutal it really was back in 1937. This isn't the honorable war. There is no honorable war. It's all terrible. Just think of it this way, how are the deaths of 300,000 chinese innocents and the raping of 20,000 chinese women honorable? It's not. It's awful, and sadly, thinks like this still go on today, and probably always will. In short, an extremely powerful film that demands multiple viewings.

Brody M (au) wrote: 1 of the most boring action films Ive seen.I tried sitting through the whole thing but I just could not do it

Davide P (br) wrote: This film took a really long time to get into. I like Justin Long and thought this might be a good movie the only thing wrong with this movie is how slow it takes to make its point.

Payeyo G (br) wrote: Liked it better than "Phone booth".

Lee M (kr) wrote: Has an aura of honest observation that engages even when almost nothing is happening on-screen.

Dimitris S (mx) wrote: Sometimes,you don't need none but the amateur's heart.Olmi's glorifying tenderness qualifies his ability to show reality as a glass of water:he embodies Nature as the God of agricultural loneliness(and poverty).Goddess to be precise...

Trent R (br) wrote: A wickedly fun Faustus riff, this noir has a nice EC horror vibe up until the necessarily moralistic for its time ending. Milland's clearly enjoying himself as old Nick, and Totter plays her reluctant femme fatale role just as well. Just past the halfway mark, there is a great scene involving him literally pre-scripting a sequence for her that interestingly plays out with her acting on two levels simultaneously and displaying layered reactions.

Zach L (de) wrote: This movie was rated as comedy from the local commercial TV channel but indeed is NOT a comedy except it has some humor . Morgan is very good in this movie as Antonio both playing the thieves. But on the end you are impressed that what they said was not valid ! A movie full with action