The Student of Prague

The Student of Prague

A poor student rescues a beautiful countess and soon becomes obsessed with her. A sorcerer makes a deal with the young man to give him fabulous wealth and anything he wants, if he will sign... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Student of Prague torrent reviews

Wil R (au) wrote: Just another typical Western

Efrain P (gb) wrote: First one was hilarious. why not the second.. I dint think I'll ever be too old to watch this type of movie lol.

Lefebvre S (mx) wrote: un fim limite assez captivant. DELICATESSEN est du disney aprs a!

Anoop S (ru) wrote: this movie is my favorite movie....jenelia is looking very cute....i like her very much..

Bengel W (ca) wrote: Naughty Faye, you vixen you. Lots of sex sells a movie and this one is no exception. The comedy is American style and is mostly written for the teen. Watch for the gardener as he has the best comedy action. Music is jazz and fits the mood of the movie. Nibbles: Whipped Cream and strawberries.

Laara C (ru) wrote: Another great funny movie but with a touch of sadness. It has references from the movie My Sassy Girl, so it seemed like a pre-sequel but its not. Either way, loved the message at the end.

Irene M (nl) wrote: trying to figure out the title; otherwise it is a "one trick pony" that has some great guffaws based on the situation. Also wonderng how much the director was trying to mimic both Woody Allen and / or Nora Ephron.

Lamar W (nl) wrote: dope movie and music very live on point blind sight

Ida T (br) wrote: One of the best, funniest and most incredible dark comedies of all time, with amazing acting performances all around, but especially from Mikkelsen and Lie Kaas.

Arslan K (fr) wrote: I think this documentary tackles a very strong problem in america and that's it.

Cristy L (us) wrote: I can watch this over & over and never get tired of it!

Ruby H (us) wrote: A powerful true story about the lengths the women of their time and place had to take for love and freedom. Great costumes and good acting.

Daniel B (us) wrote: Grade: A (The Richard Donner Cut)Another best Superman movie yet! Christopher Reeve yet plays into an amazing role as Clark Kent/Superman! I prefer the Richard Donner Cut over the original cut because it shows what the movie, the story and the plot was gonna originally be like when Richard Donner was directing I & II back in fourth, and it's better than the original cut. I would've gave the original cut a B and 4 stars. Such a shame he was fired. But yeah, this is the second best Superman movie ever made. I'm giving Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut an A and 4 1/2 stars! As I said, you can believe a man can fly! ;)

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