The Stunt Man

The Stunt Man

While on the run from the police, Steve Railsback hides in a group of moviemakers where he pretends to be a stunt man. Both aided and endangered by the director (Peter O'Toole) he avoids both the police and sudden death as a stuntman. The mixture of real danger and fantasy of the movie is an interesting twist for the viewer as the two blend in individual scenes.

On the run from the police, Cameron (Steve Railsback) crashes the set of a Hollywood war movie just when they need a new stunt man. Cameron takes the job as a way to hide out, and falls for the leading lady. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Catherine Y (ca) wrote: Loved it. Put on weight watching the quality produce cooked into granny's best. MKR doesn't appeal but movies like this I love - even the fishy bits. Catherine Frot did beaut job bringing Hortense to the screen. Fabuleux.

Shane J (de) wrote: could have been an interesting idea for a decent horror comedy unfortunatly the film doesnt have the script or budget to fulfill that. the soundtrack is also one of the worst ive ever heard along with really crap make up effects. only the robert englund cameo(why robert why star in this crap) along with the nerdy vampire hunter scenes made me smile.

Cynthia S (ca) wrote: I must say that I am disappointed. I was bored at times, and the rest of the time just uninterested. I thought that the storyline was crap on top of everything else. I guess this just wasn't my cup of tea...

Ceren A (ru) wrote: was drunk while watching. 'cause of that?

Suchada W (us) wrote: showing another side of arab french

Renaud A (nl) wrote: super film super adaptation du roman JADORE SENECAL

Amy M (ru) wrote: Quirky, funny, and full of Maritime in-jokes.

Raunak C (ru) wrote: Good artists copy, Great artists steal!Apple v/s Microsoft.

Tim G (ru) wrote: The same characters return for their first assignment. My favorite scene is when Tackleberry meets his girlfriend's parents and her father and brother beat the crap out of each other. On another note... Bobcat Goldthwait is insane!

Terminator 8 (it) wrote: It's boring so boring!