The Stupids

The Stupids

An incredibly dull-witted family unknowingly stumble upon an illegal weapons deal while on the trail of their "stolen" garbage.

The movie follows a nice, typical, suburban American family. But they are incredibly dull-witted. When they discover that their garbage was "stolen" out of the can, they begin the investigation of that "conspiracy". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Claes J (jp) wrote: En lgmld, st och oskyldig liten bagatell till feelgood-familjedrama, regisserad utav samma kille som gjorde The Bucket List. Sevrd mycket tack vare en alltid lika karismatisk och charmerande Morgan Freeman. Lite smmysig sdr.

broforcesquad (es) wrote: Getcha baby oil ready, because Fast and Furious franchise just got a shot in the arm. The 2011 film Fast Five, written and directed by Justin Lin, was a turning point for the franchise, and is in my opinion the best of all the films to date. Taking a page out of the heist film genre, Fast Five unites Dom and Brian's entire crew for the first time on screen, and pits them against a formidable anti-hero in Dwayne Johnsons agent Hobbs. A character where the only thing bigger than his screen presence is his distractingly large biceps. From a narrative standpoint Fast Five has perhaps the most viable character motivations of any movie in this franchise so far. By bringing back a crucial character from the original, and raising the stakes for all of Dom's team with a revelation that unites them all, Justin Lin is able to actually make me care about things in this movie besides epic and insane stunt sequences. Whether you're a fan of the loud mouth Roman Pierce (played by Tyrese) or the gorgeous and cerebral Giselle (played by Gal Gadot), or you just want to see an incredibly fun Summer blockbuster, Fast Five has something for you. On the Geek Motivation grading scale, it clocks in at a 5: A great movie that leaves the viewer satisfied.

Pierre J (nl) wrote: awful.very bad and waste of time movie.the budget should have been sent to poor countries or third world to feed the hungry kids

Aryo G (us) wrote: This movie teaches us how the best and fastest way to find a justice

LEEWAY C (mx) wrote: This is a good movie! sad and depressing also a great deal of anger. I was getting pissed at how they mistreated and killed innocent civilians including women & children but that's the sad part is all around the world is facing similar situation. Good Performances by the way, the movie was just too long though.

Carlos I (es) wrote: Such a fun b-movie. Divoff is so great in the title role. There was so much potential for this franchise with what was set up here. Wishmaster deserved better...

Barry L (ru) wrote: Cowboy duo escape family problems in this boring western.

Greg W (de) wrote: another WWII war drama post WWII

Alessandro D (ru) wrote: I can't understand how that shit got 84% !!! Seriously, how?