The Subject Was Roses

The Subject Was Roses

When Timmy Cleary (Sheen), comes home from soldiering, he's greeted by the open but strained arms of his two parents, John and Nettie, (Neal and Albertson). Once considered sickly and weak, he has now distinguished himself in the service and is ready to begin a new life. His parents, however, are still trapped in the bygone days of early and unresolved marital strife and begin emotionally deteriorating through several drama packed encounters. Now mature, the young Tim Cleary finally understands the family dynamics that has played all throughout his boyhood. By the simple act of bringing his mother roses on behalf of his father, Tim realizes he may have destroyed his family, but is helpless to obtain resolution which must come from both his parents.

A young man returning home from World War II finds himself caught up in his parents' turbulent relationship. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dee B (jp) wrote: 100 times better than Paranormal activity 2 to 4. Sad nobody gets this

Jon H (mx) wrote: a great family drama set in backdrop of the korean civil war of 1950 which forever split the country! at the heart of this film are two brothers forced to fight a war they have no experience for! the Battles are gritty and realistic, in the same style of saving private ryan! the two brothers are brilliantly portrayed by there actors! Through the atrocities they witness the brothers bonds are put to the ultimate test! an absolutely heart wrenching story! loved it!! if you dont mind subtitles or sitting through a two hour plus film! this is foreign cinema at its finest!!

Jillian L (fr) wrote: This is a French movie that I've been meaning to see for awhile. It's part murder mystery, part musical, and so incredibly campy. For the mystery part, there are a million twists and turns as the ladies try to figure out which one of them killed Marcel. I lost track of a lot of them and then realized at the end that some of them weren't addressed at all. It's actually a lot of fun to watch. As for the musical part, I actually didn't really need it. The songs were light, and kind of all sounded the same. Also, I'm one for songs in musicals to further something, whether it be the plot, relationship, character development, etc. The songs basically were just stuck in, but it did give the whole thing more theatricality. So, don't go into it with heady expectations or anything, but it's just pure fun.

Milen L (ag) wrote: Wow! All I can really say about this flick is, "Wow". It's very rare that I find a movie that actually moves me. I went through almost every human emotion watching this movie. It was like Billy Crystal was pulling the strings to my heart. Bravo.

Randy Y (us) wrote: Just a fun enough comedy. Lithgow carries it a bit... and a little feel good.

CSN91 (nl) wrote: 1 of Danny DeVitos best movies ever. Very funny & serious at the same time. A Classic Anti-Buddy Movie.

Shanda S (br) wrote: One of my favorite holiday movies. I've watched it every year since I was a kid. Now my kids watch it with me. ???

Richard D (kr) wrote: Although it sticks a little to closely to it's "Seven Samurai" model occasionally sacrificing sensible plot developments in the process, this is very enjoyable cheap sci-fi. The Blu-Ray looks wonderful.

Ester C (ru) wrote: Michel Piccoli goes nuts, and we like it!

Joshua S (fr) wrote: A bit dull but still better than that crap Michael Bay version.

Paul N (au) wrote: Sweet little flick about a man and his otter. Plenty of nature footage, frolicking animals and breathtaking scenery, combined with a poetic search for purpose and meaning in nature. It's "Withnail & I" without the booze. And one of them's an otter.

Jonathan B (kr) wrote: Barbara Streisand is undeniable. She is just the most charming. It was my first time really seeing her. What a voice. and such a talented comedian and actress as well!

Kirk E (ru) wrote: Hard to believe that the world needed a 2 1/2 hour biopic of Woodrow Wilson. Harder still to believe that this cost more to make than "Gone With The Wind".

Jeff B (au) wrote: Odd early film from Michael Curtiz about a reporter who is trying to solve the case of the "Moon Killer" and finds his way into a mansion where several scientists (all suspects) are conducting experiments. Well, the idea is clever, and for 1932 it's got some fun moments, mainly from the different types of scientists. The gags are too over the top and dated, but oh well. It's nice to see Fay Wray outside of King Kong. Nothing amazing but it's pretty fun.