The Sublet

The Sublet

The Sublet is a suspense driven psychological thriller about Joanna, a new mom coping with her baby alone in an odd sublet apartment. As her husband neglects her to focus on his career, Joanna questions her sanity as she discovers a violent past to the apartment and suspects that the building may be haunted.

The movie tells the story of Joanna, a new mother struggling with postpartum depression and coping with her baby alone, as she questions her sanity and starts to think her apartment building may be haunted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (fr) wrote: Stupid movie. Fracking is not clean. There's nothing good about it.

Stephen D (ru) wrote: Up there with Stillman's best. I thought he was done making movies, and then this little treat of a film seems to pop out of no where. His writing is still as top notch, deadpan hilarious, and as witty as ever. This may not be the film that The Last Days of Disco was, but it doesn't need to be. Great film,

Rafael V (es) wrote: is terrible, horrible,

Aisha S (es) wrote: Only watched it for Akshay! OK MOVIE

Michael L (de) wrote: I wish they showed this movie on Disney Channel when I was growing up as an Asian American.

AW C (mx) wrote: The plot can be a complete clusterfuck, but the whiplash, take-no-prisoners attitude of the whole film smooths that issue over.

Jacob P (it) wrote: ..... What did I just watch? Anyways, May is a very strange film, with a very brilliant idea. It's about a strange misfit who is in need of a friend, who also has a doll she talks to. At first, i thought this was a romance for the first 50 minutes, until she gets angry and starts killing people. The ending was...fantastic...and somewhat freaked me out for the rest of my life. The acting was pretty good, especially from the role of May. It was pretty good.

Alexander P (gb) wrote: Great laugh, tomlinson runs the entire film and is really believeable especially from a lower league perspective - some of the situational comedy is brilliantly written and again shows up the insanity and overconfidence of the english media and Fa

tp b (nl) wrote: The book is superb and this adaptation is ok, much thanks to the wonderful Sean Bean!

James D (ru) wrote: This is the Parker-Stone team doing what they do best, having fun exploring the parameters of comedy with the audience.

Steve J (jp) wrote: In his next-to-last film Hitchcock returned to his roots, enlisting Anthony Shaffer to adapt Arthur La Bern's novel Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square into a screenplay, and cast actors unknown outside of Britain. The result of this experiment was easily his best film in years, one that still has yet to fully receive its due place in the Hitchcock filmography. Jon Finch is Richard Blaney, a wholly unsympathetic loser with a violent temper. When his ex-wife and current girlfriend are raped and strangled to death he becomes suspect number one in the recent spate of so-called Necktie Murders. In reality the murderer is Blaney's supposed friend, the slimy Bob Rusk (Barry Foster). Blaney is more interested in eluding authorities than in solving the mystery of the killings, and he seems more outraged at having been accused than saddened at having lost two women whom he allegedly cares for. In using these lesser-known actors Hitchcock found it easier to present us with a world in which no one is terribly sympathetic. The humor is jet-black and the violence is, for Hitchcock, quite strong, but where some reviewers lament this fact, for Hitchcock, who'd often complained of the strictures imposed by censorship, the more relaxed attitude toward the content of films was surely liberating. Frenzy may be the one film in which Hitchcock was able to do absolutely everything he wanted. While not quite at the top, it is a worthy companion to his greatest films (Psycho, Vertigo, North by Northwest, Shadow of a Doubt, Notorious, etc).

Pablo I (nl) wrote: Another mindless fun movie from the 90's. a time that I can definitely relate to. not what the best. or even good. just a silly movie that makes u feel nostalgic. easiest way to describe it, stars Pauly Shore enough said.

Alan H (us) wrote: Uninteresting and managed to take away any frisson of excitement associated with the film or its history

Tami N (ru) wrote: Excellent government conspiracy movie. A reporter (Kate B) reveals an undercover CIA agent that has uncovered vital information that would discredit the president's decision of an air raid on Venezuela. Thinking "watergate" and exposing the president for going against findings that do not validate such an attack, she goes through hell and back to keep her source a secret. Everything in the world is thought of to put her jail in attempts to get her to talk...but she doesn't. At one point after losing everything, I wondered "why don't you talk!??"....but the end will reveal why and she had the most heroic of reasons. Her good heart and sacrifice gave me chills - never would have thought. Great movie - Even Matt Dillon played the pretentious prosecutor to a tee....