The Substitute Wife

The Substitute Wife


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1925
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The Substitute Wife torrent reviews

Michael L (ca) wrote: Poignant and beautiful film about love, loss, recovery and forgiveness. Phenomenal performances by Dench and Coogan guided by a direct heartfelt script.

Lukas I (mx) wrote: // SO GUT DER FILM ... tom schilling ... GE-NIAL !!!

Kelsey B (ag) wrote: A good movie that is not just about horses.

Jared O (kr) wrote: Exactly what the consensus that Rotten Tomatoes gives Hubble is what I think. Hubble is a stunning, expansive viewing experience that takes advantage of all the advanced technology like few movies do or can. Leonardo DiCaprio's narrating is okay and a little bit forgetful, but the visuals tell the story in a very memorable way. I watched this on my Xbox, though not in 3D, with my RCA Dolby Digital DTS compatible 5.1 sound system. When the your hear the shuttle at lift off, you feel like you are at the Cape watching it happen live. You also feel like you are in space with the astronauts who are trying to save what used to be NASA's biggest dud. The shots from the Hubble telescope are breathtaking. Especially as this IMAX documentary comes to an end. Every shot is what 3D and HD were made for. I highly recommend buying this movie. Do not rent it, just buy it. I give IMAX Hubble an A+.

Kuner K (ru) wrote: I actually liked this movie... the acting was really well done. I thought the premise was pretty unbelievable, but the acting made if more believable than not. Major weak point was the ending... or, maybe at first glance, since it required a bit too much stretch of supposition. All the younger generation at the end are carying spears and bows, and one must wonder: why didn't they choose machine guns and such? Those certainly must be functioning! However, there is an earlier comment in the movie that as the epidemic has spread, there appears to be native tribes that are being spared, ones that presumably have not contact with "modern' technologies... So, perhaps the only children to survive were the ones that also chose to pick up spear and arrow, rather than machine.

Andrea C (au) wrote: "Lamerica" del titolo e' un luogo ideale, anzi due: L'italia di oggi, vista come meta di sicuro benessere economico dagli albanesi che emigrano nella speranza di rifarsi una vita, e L'America vera, quella del passato, verso la quale ad emigrare eravamo noi italiani con le stesse paure e le stesse speranze di quei popoli disperati che oggi, quasi sempre in condizioni pietose, sbarcano sulle nostre coste. E' una lezione di tolleranza e di umanesimo da parte di un regista sempre originale; se di solito vengono raccontate storie ambientate nel passato per parlare di oggi, in questo film viene ribaltato lo stereotipo.

Alex G (nl) wrote: Knew exactly what it was: a monster movie and hardly ever tried to be anything more, even though there are traces of Jaws elements in it, but even then, never tried to take itself too seriously. Probably one of the best modern monster movies (yes I know it's over 30 years, but blows most monster movies made today out of the water). Some pretty kickass sequences in this movie. This movie showed me its uncompromising nature when they show the alligator (Ramon) eat a kid, and I love the sequence where he attacks the upper class party and destroys the car. The boat going over the alligator is another awesome thing as well. The alligator as an animatronic looks pretty good at times. If you love monster movies then this one is for you.

Kyle B (br) wrote: A great showcase for both James Earl Jones and Diahann Carroll. Both have tremendous chemistry together and when the sparks fly they fly off the walls. I believe it is Tamu who was also a stand out as Claudine's daughter. It is a bit claustrophobic mainly taking place in the apartment but the performances are so great you will hardly notice. Great writing as well

Calyre Z (ca) wrote: "Le nouvel amour de la coccinelle"

Jason C (mx) wrote: I couldn't finish it. not for me