The Sugar Daddies

The Sugar Daddies

During the day, Hu Tien lives as a respectable office employee, but when night falls, he unashamedly plunges headlong into an exciting world of lust and sex as a high-class Hong Kong pimp! Thanks to his uncanny knack for setting up prostitutes with "sugar daddies," Hu Tien starts living the high life. Things take an even more dramatic turn when the drop-dead gorgeous Irene (Betty Pei Ti from The Delinquent and Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan) enters the fray. Thanks to Hu Tien's involvement, this rough and tumble new vixen soon finds herself being the center of attention among all the wealthy sugar daddies. But is his relationship with Irene merely business or is there more to it?

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Sandy K (es) wrote: After turning 21, Tim is told by his father (Bill Nighy) that the men in their family can travel in time, and Tim uses this new power to find love. There is lots of humor in Tim's trial-and-error outings with time travel, filled with cheerful banter; but ultimately Tim learns that finding joy and satisfaction in the here-and-now of everyday occurrences of life are the keys to happiness. The father-son love story is as powerful as the love story between Tim and Mary (Rachel McAdams).

Fredrik M (mx) wrote: If you are into skiing this movie is probably something you need to watch. It's just a laid back documentary covering the basics and history of extreme skiing. It left you with a feeling of freedom which I found quite nice and relaxing. But on the other hand, as I myself would never do anything like this it doesn't really hit me as hard as it could have done.

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Le M (de) wrote: What can I say....Amanda Righetti is in it, her of the bodacious body and beautiful looks....Andrew Lee Potter (Primeval), is in it too, with a bit of an unconvincing American accent...The film itself is Ok, ive seen better, ive seen worse, so I guess that would peg it at mediocre, its only based loosely on the original, being its in the house, and the mad Doc makes an .appearance...Its only 77mins long, tho it says 81 on the back of the cover, Its not quite a B movie, but its not a blockbuster either, if you enjoyed the first one, you should like this....

Emoney (nl) wrote: yooo if u didnt see this movie u trippin.. this shit iz poppin.. i like wen the nigga got smacked by the cop and he started to cry ... yoo u should of saw his

Christopher B (mx) wrote: An engrossing and entertaining doc on some very likable people who obsess about movies more than your average joe. I imagine most, if not all of the subjects have some form of compulsive disorder, so being a film fan myself (though not anywhere in the realm of where they are), it is nice to see them obsess about something as wonderful as film rather than how many footsteps to the door or how neat their apartment is (it seems like that isn't a particular problem for any of them). Still, it is heartbreaking to see people who "need" to see films, they all seem very nice and good hearted, though in one case, occasionally violent, and the audience can't help but hope that they are really happy and films aren't simply the drug to appease them while they are viewing them and they are miserable all other times. Still, great subjects and subject matter.

Sarah W (de) wrote: sick, twisted, haunting, and has colin firth

Joe C (jp) wrote: Just utter rubbish an entire film of rubbish

Edward S (us) wrote: i think the first vampire film of Bela Lugosi was better...if ive seen it. so i gotta see the first one, since hes returning.

Andrew L (mx) wrote: Jackson's life-long love of Kong seriously hindered the plot of what could have been a good movie. It's an hour too long & has a number of quite ridiculous scenes that go too far with the suggested 'love' between Kong & Watts' Ann Darrow. Despite brilliant production design & set pieces, the CGI (despite the technological advances) doesn't have the same "it looks like it's really there" wow factor that 'Jurassic Park' had 12 years prior. Acting-wise it's surprisingly only Jack Black who stands out for his performance as the foolhardy filmmaker. Despite making Kong's behaviour believable to a novice viewer, Jackson as ever drags the ending out a bit too long atop the Empire State, subjecting us to a number of close-up shots of the CGI gorilla looking dramatic (as if aiming for an Oscar nod for best actor). If you can bear sitting still for three hours then this film is definitely worth watching for the elements that work, but ultimately it fails to match up to 'Lord Of The Rings'.

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