The Suicide Club

The Suicide Club

A man joins a secret club for those who are seeking to end their lives, only to rediscover his will to live upon meeting the club's only female member.

A man joins a secret club for those who are seeking to end their lives, only to rediscover his will to live upon meeting the club's only female member. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick A (ru) wrote: This one goes way beyond the usual straight-to-dvd SiFi stuff. The plot is tight, the acting is mostly decent, the cgi does the trick. If you've seen Eagle Eye, you should also see Eyeborgs, even if you disliked the former. Adrian Paul still thinks he's Highlander, but so what.

Joyce E (de) wrote: What a unrealistic picture of India! I thought the movie would be more like a National Geographic type documentary. Instead it perpetuated the old India myth with images of defiled temples and "colorful" festivals. It was one dimensional and and even less inspirational-despite the contrived unity message.

Douglas W (es) wrote: One of the best behind the scenes film!

Marti H (kr) wrote: Jude (1996) 5 stars From the Thomas Hardy novel, "Jude the Obscure," the 1996 film JUDE, an emotional late 19th century period piece set in England, is intense and dark. In fact, much of the story seems to be filmed in black and white to coincide with the dismal tone. Jude Fawley (Christopher Eccleston) is an intelligent but unsophisticated tradesman. He believes he can escape his family's poverty by attending the university. In order to do so. however, Jude must leave his failed marriage and move to Christminster. It is there that he meets his beautiful and equally intelligent cousin, Sue Bridehead (Kate Winslet), and falls madly in love with her. It would be wonderful if the story had Jude and Sue marry and the story ended happily ever after. But that is not at all what happened. In fact, dreadful events befall Jude and Sue that break their hearts and change their lives forever. JUDE begins bleakly and slowly, but remains true to Hardy's intent. It elegantly depicts the anguish of youthful hopes being dashed by an unseeing, uncaring, and rigid society. The tone is depressing and there is an ominous thread of doom running through the drama. Eccleston and Winslet are excellent as Jude and Sue. Jude is stubborn, determined, and loves Sue. Sue is more flighty, impulsive and loves Jude. As their troubles mount, however, the color and strength are gradually drawn from them both. He never stops believing that you should do what you think is right. But she becomes undone - frightened and grim (and she has every reason to feel this way). This is a motion picture masterpiece - a depressing one, to be sure, but the oppression is offset by beautiful cinematography and an extraordinary adaptation. Be prepared for sex, full frontal female nudity, and disturbing, painful scenes involving animals and children. 12-17-10

D R (us) wrote: very good action filled movie keeps u at the edge thru the whol movie

Sgt C (jp) wrote: (74%)In a world with so many movies barley amounting to very much in terms of tone and mood we have this early 90s Lynch classic that overflows with it. The film has a real ability to be darkly funny then instantly plain dark in such a way that you question exactly what is was you just chuckled at only a few seconds ago. The bleak dark grime is intermixed with a beacon of bright light and beauty so it never becomes overly oppressive despite some real nastiness and although clearly not for everyone (too many on-screen mental break downs and revolting characters for some), it still remains unquestionably well made and superbly acted proving Lynch to be a real genuine talent.

Brad S (it) wrote: This cult classic had escaped me for a long time, it's a sci-fi/horror/comedy. It is super cheesy, but a lot of fun if you like that sort of thing. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but still found it kind of fun. Listening to the commentary occasionally was also fun, the directors had a lot of passion for the film and it's infectious. Far fans of cult classic only.

Dan A (it) wrote: Wow just wowStory keeps on giving and action all the time. Must watch

David L (jp) wrote: "Vampire Circus" is, in my opinion one of Hammer's best vampire efforts outside of "Horror of Dracula," and "Dracula, Prince of Darkness." This movie has wonderful atmosphere, rather good special effects for it's day, effective performances, and a good plotline not to mention that classic, lush Hammer cinematography. This is a superior vampire story and it is handled well. ***Spoilers ahead*** The story opens when a man observes his young bride leading a child off toward the castle of Count Rittenhouse, a tyrannical ruler who is feared by all of his subjects. Alarmed, he summons the men of the village and finally persuades them to attack Rittenhouse and free the child. Apparently, this has happened more than once in the village as the men finally overcome their fears and agree to storm the castle. Once inside though, the men find that they have stumbled onto more than they bargained for. Count Rittenhouse is more than just a madman. He is a mad vampire. A battle ensues in which the men of the village finally get the best of Rittenhouse by staking him in the back. As the vampire lies dying, he pronounces a curse upon the village to the effect that the men who slew him will die, as well as their children, "to give me back my life." Fifteen years later, the Circus of Nights comes to town featuring a bizzare cast of characters and rather scandalous entertainment. By now the town has fallen under a plague connected with the curse of Count Rittenhouse and is quarantined by its fearful neighbors. The circus has supposedly come to bring life back to the village, although, as time goes on, we see that they have really come to bring death to the village, and life to a certain vampire lying in the ruins of his castle crypt. If you enjoy Hammer films or just vampire films in general, "Vampire Circus" is a must-see. For those of you who have seen it, it is well worth seeing again, although be warned, if you have never seen the uncut version, you might just be surprised. This movie was made when Hammer was going through its own sexual revolution and there are three scenes in which nudity is a factor although, in my opinion, "Vampire Circus" is not quite the "flesh-fest" production that "The Vampire Lovers" or "Countess Dracula" were. If you haven't seen this film, it's well worth the time. If you have seen it and don't remember it or you're afraid that it might not be as good as you remember, you've got a real treat coming.

Hamda A (it) wrote: A simple plot line, Death wants to understand life better and decides to live among us for 3 days. He falls in love and finds it to be the real joy of life.Fredric March has just the right amount of malice in his undertones even if his role is a bit over melodramatic, Evelyn Venable has a suicidal air around her perfect for the role. shame that it was hammed in by the supporting cast yet you really do root for her to make the right choice in the end. A classic that withstood the test of time for a reason!

Greg T (jp) wrote: How I Live Now sticks with you whether you like it or not. I thought it was bloody brilliant.

Lia M (au) wrote: I love the fact that Katy Perry let us be a part of her world in this movie. She shows us how talented she is. She's human like all the rest of us!!!

Evan B (nl) wrote: While the sequel jumbles up the story of the first movie it does offer its own story with Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman and it handles it well. I just wish Queen Freya could've stayed alive and the fight between the Queens was longer