The Suicide Forecast

The Suicide Forecast

A former professional baseball player, Byeong-wu, made a successful career transition into a high-flying insurance advisor, thanks to his keen business sense and quick wits. But one day, one of his clients committed suicide and passed away and once hero Byeong-wu is now subject to internal investigation. Now he starts to run through his client list and finds a suspicious group of people introduced to him by the same person - and starts visiting them one by one.

A former professional baseball player, Byeong-wu, made a successful career transition into a high-flying insurance advisor, thanks to his keen business sense and quick wits. But one day, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Don S (gb) wrote: A horrid account of the life of Hercules containing next to nothing of the actual legend, and not making a good alternate accounting of the character either. Very poorly acted. Bad computer graphics and green screen usage. My daughter loves the looks of Kellan Lutz, but the man can't act his way out of a wet paper bag. The only reason I'm rating this so high is the stout performance of Roxanne McKee as the Queen.

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Corrie F (nl) wrote: yeahyeah willa ford is a babe, but this movie went nowhere

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Bob B (br) wrote: Just watched this fit probably the sixth time, and it still gets to me every time I see it.

Mike L (mx) wrote: Liked the gritty feel and the different characters. Maybe it was just too typical and not enough happened of substance. It was slow. It followed a few different characters to keep things from getting too stale which helped and Lyonne was awesome as a dead hooker...

Shahrukh khan is da best S (nl) wrote: Nice story but SRK had temper probs!!!

Brent G (jp) wrote: I was totally blown away by this true story of George Adamson and his lions Richard Harris was totally convincing as George Adamson.

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Vincent O (es) wrote: Important 'Spaghetti western' and introducing Ringo, one of four big characters produced by the genre (the others were Django, Sartana and of course the Man with No Name). Original and sometimes downright weird but typical of the type of Euro western that was breaking all the rules laid down by its US cousin. A really solid base that inspired some lesser sequels but the 2nd episode by the same director is rightly regarded as a classic. stands the test of time and has the usual brilliant music by morricone, which is somtimes comic.

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William W (es) wrote: Early American Clint Eastwood performances, as he was testing the cinematic waters after his huge success in Leone's highly influential 'The Man with No Name' trilogy of great spaghetti westerns, are such fun to watch, as he experiments and tries out different genres, deciding what direction he wants to take his career. There are such unexpected gems to behold, both acting and directing, like 'Two Mules for Sister Sara', 'Breezy', 'The Beguiled', 'Play Misty for Me', 'Where Eagles Dare' and this, where he plays the proverbial 'fish out of water', in way over his head, as a deputy sheriff from the sticks, having to find an escaped prisoner in the megalopolis of New York City, no less. The great variety of this time is such a cinematic luxury to peruse and discover for oneself. Mine came in the humongous '35 Years 35 Films', and there have been even larger compendiums more recently. They all offer fine value to the discerning cinephile.It's great fun seeing Lee J. Cobb and Susan Clark (when she was really irresistible), and you can never go wrong with director Siegel, who, along with the aforementioned Leone, were the greatest influences on the American icon who at that time was blossoming into his own, the San Franciscan-born Eastwood. Definitely worth owning and rewatching.