The Sum of All Fears

The Sum of All Fears

When the president of Russia suddenly dies, a man whose politics are virtually unknown succeeds him. The change in political leaders sparks paranoia among American CIA officials, so CIA director Bill Cabot recruits a young analyst to supply insight and advice on the situation. Then the unthinkable happens: a nuclear bomb explodes in a U.S. city, and America is quick to blame the Russians.

When the Russian president suddenly dies, world tension escalates. CIA analyst Jack Ryan must thwart the plans of a terrorist faction to detonate a nuclear weapon at a football game in Baltimore before it is too late. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeff B (kr) wrote: This was like a bad Steven Seagal movie.

Paul D (br) wrote: The animation is extremely life-like and effective throughout its minimalist approach. The story is its weaker part and you have to stick with it to get to the crux of what happened in the past and its relevance to the winds of change happening in Czechoslavakia at the time it is set.

Patrick C (ru) wrote: There is nothing here that you haven't seen done before and done better. Most of the makeup is the quality of old Hammer horror films but without the class. Butler is terrible and most of the rest of the actors are as flat as the story. This thing is simply a mashup of Anne Rice and the Underworld films but without the budgets, slick editing, and visceral choreography. Watch those films again instead of putting time in here.

Lilianetty l (kr) wrote: I was laughing myself out when I saw Justin (Green Arrow in Smallville) on this film! I was like 'No lines? Just body showing? WTF?', this proves that for funny moments, you don't need talent at all? I still don't get it (seriously, he is damn talented in Smallville, in here his work was mediocre, sorry fans of his!). Anyway, enjoy the ride and my review!Plot: 3 friends passed hell in high school and university, until the oportunity of going to a spring break get's to them thanks to Becky, who needs to protect for a week Ashley, daughter of the vice-president of USA. Will their lives get changed forever? Will they find happiness in that hellhound of place? Defenetly, one of the reasons I don't like this kind of parties is: PEOPLE TURNS TO ANIMAL FOR A WEEK AND GET NASTY AND SCARY! Yep, they all get demons for a week....yuck! They do? Oh well, just by watching this film, USA wins for the most crazy people (no offence, is just a way to express emotions, acting is awesome).Acting: I will give stars to Amy, Rachel, Parker, Amber and yes, Missi and Jane. They all stole the show from the extras, even of Justin LOL Amazing talents for this akward film. Music: Since the score was almost absent, I must say the music choosen was splendit and magical (80's has it all HURRICANE!). So yep, stars here defenetly.To end this short review, 3 & a half stars of 5. Not 5/5, since I don't like films with bad influence on kids/teens and the future of the world for acting/mechanic/science/players of video games/CGI workers and any work you choose! So, do live in peace, but don't get crazy! BLESS YOU ALL! HASTA LA PROXIMA AMIGOS/AS!!!! CHAO!!!!!!!!!

KassiDee K (it) wrote: again not if Unrated is really bad

Nicole O (ca) wrote: See? This is what Filipino cinema should be known for. Not love teams and Sam Milby.

Lee H (mx) wrote: Some funny outrageous lines.

Ahmet B (kr) wrote: So lovely and touching...

D M (ru) wrote: I guess they expected high-waisted "mom-jeans", aviator glasses, 80s hair, and payphones to be back in style in 2074. An enslaved android defects with the information she stole for her bosses. She escapes with a Han Solo-esque character as they try to get to a super-rare abandoned alien ship her bosses hoped to own. Then a crappy love story. Real cheap sci-fi with a decent story, pretty bad acting, and decent action scenes. Upon further reading I've learned it was originally called "Beyond the Rising Moon" and in this version CGI sequences were added years later, replacing many of the original miniatures (boo!).

Christopher B (gb) wrote: Great fun. Try to recognize all the actors along the way.

Patryk C (jp) wrote: The main quality of the movie is shown in its detailed and very insightful look on the works of a police force, while they're trying to build up a case against one of the most intelligent criminals in the city of Los Angeles. Even though it sometimes puts too much emphasis on the side of police authorities, its main purpose is also to be a semi-documentary about a group of policemen trying to figure out who killed one of their own. The same person seems to be involved in a series of burglaries, and is known for changing his modus operandi. Some of the scenes, like the one when the killer is trying to get the bullet out of his body, or when he is anxiously awaiting the arrival of law enforcement and his dog is barking louder and louder, are surely able to combine for a very uncomfortable and sombre mood of this noir piece. A B-grade noir that won't let anyone down.

Antonius B (nl) wrote: Cary Grant believes he overplayed his character in 'Arsenic and Old Lace', and I agree, he's over-the-top. At times his frantic jumping around and shocked facial expressions are funny, such as when he tells his aunts early on that they really oughtn't to be poisoning their visitors by saying "Look, you can't do things like that! Now, I don't know how I can explain this to you, but it's not only against the law, its wrong! It's not a nice thing to do. People wouldn't understand. He wouldn't understand. What I mean is, well, this is developing into a very bad habit!" ... all while hunched over and gesticulating. This is a loud movie, with one brother believing he's Teddy Roosevelt yelling 'Charge!' as he runs up the stairs and slams his bedroom door repeatedly, characters rapidly entering scenes in a pell-mell confusion of trying to hide bodies, threaten each other, commit others to mental institutions, etc etc. It's also all over the map. At first I thought Capra may have threaded the needle and been able to deliver both a dark comedy and a drama, since Raymond Massey's glowering and Peter Lorre's simpering are quite sinister, and a nice counterpart to Cary Grant and the sweet old ladies played so wonderfully by Josephine Hull and Jean Adair. However, the movie dragged on, and was far too long at 118 minutes. Some may like the madcap frenzy Capra created based on the stage play, and I have to say there are some nice moments and lines ("Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops."), but overall the movie gets to be a little much, and doesn't stand the test of time, at least for me.

mike b (fr) wrote: The effects are excellent, except that mealworms are not maggots.Everyone in both movies are so slow at responding or noticing symptoms that you feel no empathy at all.Why is there the imperative to have sex when a splash of blood or even a kiss are supposedly able to transmit the disease?I wish somebody had committed to make an intelligent sequel.Not a patch on Rec.