The Summoning

The Summoning

A group of friends set out on a road trip to "the party of the century" in the middle of nowhere, but on the way, they break down and find themselves being hunted for a satanic ritual.

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Ben S (br) wrote: There is a point early on in Dinosaur 13 when a palaeontologist describes his work in the field as being sandwiched between the past - the stars in the sky above him emit light that has travelled for millions of years to reach him at that precise moment, while he is uncovering fossils of creatures that may have existed at exactly the same time, with his being the first human hand to touch them. It's a pretty staggering thought, and one that goes a long way to painting the romanticism of the profession.In what is ostensibly a love story this documentary charts the unbelievable events behind one of the world's most important archeological discoveries, that of Sue the T-rex (the 13th and largest example ever to be found), and the man who would have done anything to keep her safe, fossil hunter Pete Larson. Working on the painstaking preparation of the skeleton at their family run fossil hunting business, The Black Hills Institute, in 1992 Pete and his team of ragtag bearded enthusiasts are suddenly paid the most bizarre, heavy handed visit by the police, FBI and, somewhat ridiculously, the National Guard, sparking "Save Sue" protests from the small town's children. National media coverage followed as federal charges of theft and money laundering were filed against the members of the Black Hills Institute for supposedly collecting fossils illegally. Lengthy, labyrinthian court proceedings concerned with territories, ownership and the very definition of fossilised bone (Artefact? Or part of the land itself?) resulted in the lives - and vital scientific research - of several passionate men and women being thrown into disorder at the behest of one man and his unalloyed greed.It's a fascinating story that is effectively told with home movies, newsreels and interviews but it never aspires to be more than a chronological account of events. The desperation and devotion felt by Pete and his colleagues is clear to see, further highlighting a missed opportunity to subvert the form and get under the skin of these devoted professionals and their love of 60 million-year-old hunks of fossilised bone. As it stands, it's a very watchable affair, if very by the numbers.The early establishing dialogue brings to mind Patricio Guzmn's remarkable, transcendental documentary Nostalgia For The Light (2010), a mesmerising film of heart stopping poetry that counterpointed the work of astronomers star gazing on the flat Chilean desert with the women who scoured the ground below them in the vain hope of finding the remains of their husbands and sons, executed by Pinochet's regime decades earlier. The subject is obviously a far more distressing, personal one but the beauty of it comes from its silent observational form and not the narrative. Dinosaur 13 contains some great nostalgic footage, and an engaging story of Jurassic justice, but little else of substance. Using only the bare skeleton of Pete's mournful story, the chance was lost to probe the hearts and minds of these dinosaur obsessives.

Paul R (it) wrote: Also known as "Playing It Cool"...

Kelsey A (ru) wrote: if you want to see the most demented movie of your life, including barbed wire wrapped obese men wearing pig masks -- telling crippled children to slit their wrists --- this is the movie for you. I can't express how messed up I felt after seeing this. It's not your normal Human Centipede type.

Gemma L (ru) wrote: Really good film with lots of action. Great if you like disaster type movies.

Amanda P (gb) wrote: 5 stars because it was the first film I ever worked on.

Fong K (us) wrote: A lame attempt at being Cronenbergian and Lynchish, this head-scratcher is haphazard mess wasting some good acting talents.

Shonna N (fr) wrote: Gives an Empire record feeling at the first with the video store. It's so funny when he set up the waiter to spill the water on his gf to break up w her! It's crazy when Lucy collects all the glasses in the restaurant and acts like he's drunk when he shows up. The ending was a little lacking, just expected more. I think it's cute how they learned lessons from each others mistakes, and grew closer.

Jason K (mx) wrote: It's worth 3 stars alone for style. This sequel to In the Mood for Love has the similar camera work, music, and longing of its predecessor...albeit a bit darker and not as innocent and romantic. Also the futuristic scenes sort of drag on...and it gets a bit too esoteric and woo-woo for its on good. Overall a pleasure to watch.

Joshua D (jp) wrote: For the one on Richard the Lionheart I'd give about 4. 5 star rating. But all those others fall quite short of that.

Michael F (de) wrote: Strange, but pretty funny movie.

Keith K (de) wrote: A good film one of my favs good acting from the man

Phillip D (jp) wrote: Certainly one of the great pinnacles of animation and certainly clay animation, not to mention one of the best family films of the 21st century. Truly a fantastic watch.

Tharun R (mx) wrote: This movie is a classic example of a slow and steady shyamalan movie. while it isn't perfect a person with patience can truly enjoy this movie.