The Sun in a Net

The Sun in a Net

Oldrich "Fajolo" Fajták (Marián Bielik), a student who directs quasi-existentialist verbal abuse at his girlfriend Bela Blazejová (Jana Beláková), takes off to a formally volunteer summer work camp at a farm where he meets her grandfather.

The Sun in a Net is a lyrical story about the emotions arising among two young people who pretend cynicism and rejection towards society in an attempt to hide their insecuri· ties, lack ofexperience and fear ofadult life. It is the very first Slovak film in the history of Slovak cinema to take on the theme ofthe natural differences of values and social life in urban and rural settings. The film is con sidered the beginning of the New Wave in Slovak and Czech cinema ofthe 1960s. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Timm S (br) wrote: Crosses The Line From Art To Real-Life Human Audience Connection With Absolute Finesse. Smooth Soulful Soundtrack Keys Into Those Moods Hard To Express In Words Alone..Loneliness In Pictures Never Looked So Destructively Interesting. Without Doubt, This Story Resonated With Me Long After It Finished.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: A superb, slightly over complex film about sexuality in various forms, the nature of truth, and the attempts people make, or don't make, to reconcile their own beliefs (moral and religious) in the face of adversity. Ordinary Sinner cleverly plays with viewers expectations, particularly in terms of character development; the various twists succeed thanks to exceptionally good casting in both lead and supporting roles, although the convoluted structure occasionally confuses things. Brendan Hines, Elizabeth Banks and Kris Park are all exceptional as the three friends. Over the course of the film their relationships are tried and tested as it appears events unfold around them - but they are intertwined in them in ways they don't all realize. Especially good is Hines, who gives a deceptively simple performance that makes his emotions easy to read, which in this case is important since things mostly take place from his POV. There's very good support from A Martinez and Jesse Tyler Ferguson (who I recognized from the cancelled sitcom The Class). Ordinary Sinner deserves to reach a larger audience as I'm sure it would resonate with many people (it only makes me more happy that I'm an athiest) - sadly, at time of writing, I'm only one of two people on Flixster who have rated the film, and the first person to write a review.

Maineutral R (it) wrote: My expectations for this were high after how good Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla turned out to be. It was the first movie since God of Godzilla to be actually re-watchable and fun. Guess I was a bit too overhyped. Terror of Mechagodzilla is a step down and it's a bit of an underwhelming good-bye for the Showa series. This film takes its huge time to get started. Godzilla appears until the third act, the fight at the end is slow at first (but it gets better as it goes on), the human characters got too much story, and is not entirely interesting. It's not the worst Godzilla film, but there's barely anything into it. I felt it was short, but still lasted a while before getting entertaining. The other monster (Titanosauraus) is a half-baked Godzilla look-a-like and feels to be there just for filler. What else can I say? It wasn't awful; it was just boring for the most part. For the least, it isn't awful, just boring until the very last third. It lacked any kind of story structure and correct pacing, something that the previous film succeeded to do. It was a letdown, but sure, I'll come back to see that final battle again. It gets interesting and entertaining, but it's the least I can say. Underwhelming kaiju film.

Isabelle G (es) wrote: Troublant et en meme temps percutant ma petite existance par un passe oublier qui revient en moi...

AD O (de) wrote: this had the look and production value of a hallmark tv movie. nothing compares to the theatre. les mis pulled it off a bit better but for real, nothing compares to the theatre.

Andy C (de) wrote: Sherlock Holmes is outside his usual time frame for this outing with the character finding himself dragged into a second world war setting. The story itself is loosely based on the final Sherlock Holmes story (His last bow). It's a interesting historical piece as a film which was released actually during the war and probably has some aim of rallying the public during those depressing war times. Not a patch on the classic stories and I'll never be quite as comfortable with Sherlock outside the olde London setting but still another welcome outing for literature's greatest detective.

Mlany V (de) wrote: this fairy is simply cute