The Sun King

The Sun King

While changing the pipes in the tanningbeds at Golden Sun, Tommy meets the owner. A middleaged former Miss Fyn called Susse. Slowly an unusual love affair begins. Tommy's two friends Ole & Flemming give him tips on how to give Golden Sun some masculine appeal. Susse just happens to have a sleazy lawyer that does not appreciate the new look.

While changing the pipes in the tanningbeds at Golden Sun, Tommy meets the owner. A middleaged former Miss Fyn called Susse. Slowly an unusual love affair begins. Tommy's two friends Ole & ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Geetika S (nl) wrote: bad, even for a flight movie!

Michelle A (kr) wrote: yay!!! i want a dog like this one

Loren R (fr) wrote: Auf und fr sich wre die Story ganz in Ordnung gewesen. Ein bisschen Hexensabbat mit romantischen Kitsch verbunden. Die zwei Hauptdarstellern find ich zwar hbsch und charmant, aber das wre auch schon alles gewesen! Der Film kommt einfach nicht in die Gnge und man fragt sich am Schluss, war das schon etwa alles? Ein vllig bertriebenes Theater, den ganzen Film hindurch und am Ende ist so einfach. Da gibt es sicher noch bessere Hexenfilme, die mehr Spannung erzeugen!

Rodney C (es) wrote: I was intrigued by the plight of Nell; was captured by the story and impressed with Jodie's acting.

Brita L (mx) wrote: christian bale enough said

Conor M (jp) wrote: An awful which was enjoyable to watch

Stuart B (mx) wrote: As a serious action hero movie, this sucks ass. As a stupid, camp, immature and ridiculous action hero movie, it's pretty darn funny.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Pretty decent Western at the leading edge of the wave of morally ambiguous Westerns. Burt Lancaster produced the film and plays the less honorable (much less honorable) of the two leads. Robert Aldrich went on to direct "The Dirty Dozen" and "The Longest Yard" among other films.

Al H (ca) wrote: Good but not great western. Classic formula...great John Ford role players. And as usual Victor McLaglen steals every scene he's in. Still Ford has so many other classics.

Niccol N (gb) wrote: This film is just terrible : director/screenwriter/editor Oren Peli gets wrong anything he can; violating every screenwriting "rule" made popular by "script gurus". He starts with a terrible script in what the late Blake Snyder would have called the "Monster in the house" genre , and it's talk, talk, talk from beginning to end. Characters talk the plot all the time, or expressly tell the audience how they're feeling : "Something's happening in this house", thanks ! I know that already. "I want to leave, I'm scared" says a character : Peli, don't tell me about her fear, show me her fear ! Films are visual ! And you've shot this film almost entirely in sequence shot ! I don't think that's a good idea in terms of film pace. And the whole story is something about two characters talking and talking all the time : you'd have to be Quentin Tarantino or David Mamet to keep up the audience's attention for such a long time. But you're not, and "Reservoir Dogs" had it's action sequences between dialogue parts, you know. Dialogue only, well it would have been hard for them too. Oh, and do you think having a door slightly opening, obviously filmed using someone pulling invisible threads off-screen, will really give someone the creeps ? There is one film shot entirely in long take, you know : it's called "Rope", and, you know, it was directed by someone named Alfred Hitchcock. And, yes, it was shot in a close environment too, but if you're not Hitchcock ,Brian De Palma or a real Hollywood big shot, I'd seriously recommend you not to do it at home. and it doesn't matter at all if you come up with some decent ending if you've killed the film a long time before it.You see : the problem is not you're trying to do "poltergeist" on a low-budget, without special effects. The problem is you're tryin' to do "Poltergeist" at home when you don't know to write first, and you don't know how to direct it secondly. So why not going for a different subject ?

Filippo V (br) wrote: Se ci fosse almeno un accenno di motivazione dietro a tutta la trama del film probabilmente sarei in grado di dare un giudizio pi approfondito, perch tutto quello che vedo un concentrato puro di brutale violenza che solo un tossico come Eli Roth riuscirebbe a concepire.