The Sun's Burial

The Sun's Burial

In Osaka's slum, youth without futures engage in pilfering, assault and robbery, prostitution, and the buying and selling of identity cards and of blood. Alliances constantly shift. Tatsu and Takeshi, friends since boyhood, reluctantly join Shin's gang. Shin's an upstart and moves his gang often to avoid the local kingpin. Hanoko is a young woman with ambitions: first she's in the blood business with her father, then she joins forces with Shin. She soon breaks off that partnership, even though she's taken the sensitive Takeshi under her wing. Double crosses multiply. Those with the closest bonds become each others' murderers.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:87 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:japan,   gang,   youth,  

In Osaka's slum, youth without futures engage in pilfering, assault and robbery, prostitution, and the buying and selling of identity cards and of blood. Alliances constantly shift. Tatsu ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Priti P (jp) wrote: What do you do when you want to project an age long serious national issue, with its all shades of grey, because over the period of time, stark black and white have ceased to exist? What do you do to make it interesting enough to make the audience invest their time and money and also keep it respectable enough so that the pain, fear and dilemma of lakhs of Indians concerned with it don't take a backseat in the name of sleaze and humour? YOU MAKE 'CHAKRAVYUH'.And how apt the name is. No beginning, nor end, just an ever going battle between fellow Indians, spreading fear and hatred amongst them, costing several Indian lives every year, most of whom take a bullet and/or undergo torture purely out of duty, without any personal greed or agenda! This is the present day scenario of Naxalite or Maowadi infected India. Prakash Jha has done a superb job of showing the ISSUE from all possible perspectives i.e. that of the maowadis, the government, the police, the military, the tribals and the MNCs. He is right when he says that the movie is 'not entertaining but engaging'. We, the urban population, should definitely see it to realize how futile our own preferences and how petty our own issues are in the wide canvas of the nation as a whole. Actually it is not just a movie, but a 'Social Service'. It may not much affect the current scenario, but will definitely provide much required awareness in the upcoming generation of aforesaid perspective holders. And that will make a difference.With every new movie, Arjun Rampal and Abhay Deol are coming across as pretty strong actors. Manoj Bajpai and Om Puri are as per expectation. Esha Gupta is OK. But the surprise package is the new actress, Anjali Patil, a gold medalist from NSD , who has sunk in her teeth so deep into the character that it is difficult to realize that she is just acting. Body language, dialect, appearance, nonchalance, aggression - everything is just perfect. She defines perfect casting and also reminds you of Smita Patil! A long scene between Arjun and Abhay needs special mention, wherein the two best friends argue about their different ideologies i.e. taking the side of the Maowadis Vs. taking the side of the Government. The scene has the required impact and Abhay is a strong passive actor.

Jevro W (ca) wrote: yawn, had to turn it off. Nicole please stop with the plastic surgery, although I suspect it's already to late

David S (fr) wrote: At first I was enjoying this film as I do most Benedict Cumberbatch flicks, but the Fifth Estate really drags on in the second and third acts. Right on the box it says "a first rate thriller". There weren't many thrills throughout. There is a couple scenes where there is little tension on what they should do, but that ultimately is a false statement. This subject matter just may not be great for film, it may have benefited from better direction though. Cumberbatch did well with what he had to work with and was still pretty good, David Thewlis was also good. The rest of the cast is hit or miss. All in all, The Fifth Estate I think is the first Benedict Cumberbatch film I didn't like. He was good, but the movie was not.

Kerri P (fr) wrote: realistic but boring. takes awhile to get started and when it does ur left expecting more..

Jenn T (ru) wrote: Not bad, low budget but decent dialogue and well acted.

Amilcar A (es) wrote: When I was about 14 I beat a couple of friends in a contest about who could stuff more gum in their mouth. I think I had something like 19 or 20 pieces and I won, hands down. For some reason that stands as my greatest accomplishment in life and perhaps the only time I've demonstrated some innate talent.When I watched Dancing Across Borders I was a little jealous. Never in my life have I ever been close to being discovered by a rich socialite to do something extraordinary and pull me out of my fishing village (well, OK I don't come from a village but still...)DAB is a good documentary that inspiring but not particularly inspired (stolen line). It shows the wonderful story about a kid who comes out of nowhere to become a world class dancer. That was pretty cool. Unfortunately the movie spends too much time with pseudo inspirational tidbits and scenes that are totally meaningless. We want to see the little shit dance. In aggregate the documentary works fine but it could have been a lot more powerful and it certainly could have used a lot more footage from this kid dancing. We knew that after the movie the dancer and his handlers would be making an appearance in the theater. That was also pretty cool except for the fact that the dancer has quit performing - at least for now. Go figure.

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Deadly V (mx) wrote: Classic underrated 90's comedy.

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Daniel R (us) wrote: Intense, extreme and dark. Roeg's film highlights Australia's beauty, how indigenous people understand it, and why Europeans do not get it as they're too busy doing fashion, politics and going to church, preserving morality.

Trent M (ca) wrote: Okay, so it's not a polished Hollywood movie, but it is an insane 1960's weird ride so it gets some credit for that.

Camille L (de) wrote: Oui, le scenario est assez vide ( quoiqu'il y a quelques fulgurances mais une terrible longueur au debut ) mais la realisation de MARTIN RITT est tellement parfaite, avec des cadres magnifiques et des acteurs excellents ( SERGE REGGIANI et SIDNEY POITIER, surtout ) que le film est plus que regardable.

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