The Sundowners

The Sundowners

Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west.

Brother is pitted against brother in this tale of fueding ranchers in the old west. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh T (es) wrote: THANK YOU For such an inspiring and educational movie! Don't stop educating us!!!

Lesline D (nl) wrote: so weird it is actually good!

ChillinDylan G (au) wrote: Very underrated silly comedy that doesn't take itself seriously and has some very funny moments.Grade = 7/10

Oscar T (br) wrote: A low budget film, with ugly special effects and bad acting, the story is simple and silly. The best thing of the film is the first Colombian Scream Queen Fiona Horsey, she looks good in this film.

Megan B (us) wrote: Extremely touching, I'm still all watery. Very well done documentary. Leaves me disappointed that the USA didn't participate.

Marc L (us) wrote: L'histoire du Kazakhstan n'est pas forcement tres connue en dehors du Kazakhstan (qui a dit "Borat"?)...mais avec des films de cette trempe, on est tout pret a corriger cette carence en culture generale. Bien qu'hyper classique dans son deroulement, ce film consacre a un heros national kazakh du XVIIIe siecle peut s'enorgueillir d'une mise en scene digne des plus grands blockbusters hollywoodiens et presente des paysages d'Asie centrale et des chevauchees de cavalerie tout simplement majestueux. Il est neanmoins assez etrange qu'un film aux accents aussi patriotiques ait ete chercher ses deux principaux acteurs au Mexique et aux USA...! Malgre l'exotisme du sujet (ou peut etre grace a lui) voici une realisation qui n'est pas loin d'egaler Braveheart ou le Dernier Samourai.

David S (nl) wrote: Cruel Intentions II is a ridiculous farce of a movie. Even though it was directed by the same director who did the first, it holds none of the charm, wit or elegant cruelty of the first. This prequel steals lines from the original, has terrible low-grade acting, and shockingly played out scenes. Kumble has proved his lack of directing skills with this movie and it is a pity, since the original was stunning. This movie was made with good intentions and has a decent plot structure to explain Dunne's character's position, but it is done in such a childish way, it is difficult to take seriously.

Rick R (us) wrote: Down Periscope (1996)I enjoyed watching this predictable submarine comedy more than I thought I would. It was actually refreshing to see Kelsey Grammer playing the fun-loving character, rather than the uppity foil to the protagonist, for a change. He does rather well in this movie and we're easily rooting for him and his crew. With Bruce Dern up for an Oscar, they've been brining this film back out of the closet, so we can get a chance to see it again.Unconventional Lt. Commander Thomas Dodge (Grammer) is finally given the command of a submarine of his own. However, Vice Admiral, Dean Winslow (Rip Torn) gives him a very old, run down, diesel with a motley crew of screw-ups. Long-time rival, Rear Admiral Yancy Graham (Dern) has been keeping him down every chance he gets, but Dodge is out to prove himself to Vice Admiral Winslow and get the sub into shape.Naturally, there's a big war game that Dodge's sub must win if he wants to be assigned to command a nuclear sub. The sub is filled with colorful characters. Many have gone on to starring in comedies themselves. Some of my favorites was Seaman 2nd Class E.T. 'Sonar' Lovacelli (Harland Williams) who has amazing hearing. There's also Executive Officer Marty Pascal (Rob Schneider) who is the "by-the-books" trouble-maker. And finally, of course there's Lt. Emily Lake (Lauren Holly) as the Diving Officer who is sort of the romantic lead in the movie.The movie doesn't take itself very seriously, so it really is a light-hearted comedy.

Lee B (gb) wrote: I loved this... im a big keanu fan, and this movie is just another reason why...its great

Austin B (ru) wrote: Amazing film animation was awesome

Mark D (mx) wrote: This is one of those classic swords and sorcery flicks, that slipped me by until I was at uni. Think its fair to say it doesn't get any better than this! Its low budget - badly low! Its funny, the effects are awful, the acting is well... bad! The story is very random but mix it up you got a classic fantasy film thats very easy to watch! Who looked at the Elf with the non stop repeated jump cut bow and arrow action and not laugh! Jack Palances presence must of been down to a court order as no effort has gone in and the hileriousness of his villain is so cheesy and over the top. Hawk if its on - watch it. It is Lord of the Ring without a budget! Look out for the witch with the silly string and magic bouncy balls! No matter how many times I see it, I laugh! 9/10

Christopher T (fr) wrote: Had to revisit this tonight. One of five films that Cassavetes financed himself. So personal, and completely conscious. Painful as it may be, I want to see what people do in those lonely hours when they are left to contemplate the live they have made. I love Gena Rowlands - easily one of the most under-appreciated actors of all time.

Roy P (ag) wrote: This is Sergio Leone's hardly-talked-about first movie, and it's obviously a disappointment compared to his other masterful works. Honestly, I thought the script was great and very much interesting - it's the sloppy editing and the 'fistful' of poor performances and unintentionally funny moments that drag the movie down. If you were to show anyone the movie without them knowing who directed it, never in a million years would they say 'Sergio Leone' unless they just decide to start naming random directors. All and all, despite my low rating, I actually did enjoy this movie. I can see myself watching it again if I decide on a summer-time Leone marathon.

Kevin M W (mx) wrote: A bit of a homage (in a good way) to noir as Neeson fleshes out a husk of a man playing at being a private detective on a case he doesn't want, for people he doesn't like. It's a better film than the other reviews here would indicate, and a damn sight better than those Taken films.

Charlene H (de) wrote: 5 Stars is as high as I can go huh? Oh well. Finally an Asian heroine. Love the art style, music and story.

Leon B (ca) wrote: Review:What an awful movie! It's really boring from the beginning to the end and I found Al Pacino's character quite depressing. I didn't really get the point of the storyline because it didn't go anywhere and the ending didn't make any sense to me. Anyway, Al Pacino plays Manglehorn whose a mobile locksmith with a cat as his only companion. He constantly writes letters to the love of his life, who left him years ago and he has a rocky relationship with his son who turns to him for money after he comes under investigation for tampering with investments. Manglehorn gets a hefty bill for an operation that was performed on his cat who ate one of his keys, so he's unable to help his son which doesn't help there distant relationship. The only joy in Manglehorn life is a woman at the bank called Dawn (Holly Hunter), who he eventually plucks up the courage to ask her out. She soon falls for his dry humour but he still has his ex on his mind and it puts a strain on there relationship. All of the letters that he sent to his ex are returned to his address and he eventually gets fed up with trying to rekindle a relationship with her. After burning all of the letters, he tries to get back with Dawn but she is really upset with the way that he treated her. That's about it! No major twists or anything exciting! There are some unexplained scenes like the bees in the mailbox, the random car crash and the miming character, so the sketchy script really didn't help matters. Pacino's average acting seemed very one toned and his character was more of an miserable old git than a interesting, happy go lucky fellow. I basically couldn't stand the movie and I got fed up with watching Manglehorn going through life without a hope of happiness or joy. My hopes of Pacino getting back to top form are really running thin and he seems to be picking awful roles that are not doing his career any good. Boring and quite depressing!Round-Up:What has happened to Pacino's career? Whenever I used to ask people who they favourite actors were, they would always say Pacino and DeNiro but they both haven't made a decent film for ages. At 75 years old, Alfredo James Pacino has had a rollercoaster career but he has always been highly respected in Hollywood and movie goers around the world. After the appalling FrapaCino rap in Jack & Jill with Adam Sandler, his career has gone completely downhill but he has some impressive movies coming up, which include the Irishman starring Robert DeNiro and directed by Martin Scorsese, Marco Polo with the Rock, Beyond Deceit with Anthony Hopkins and the Trap with Robert Pattinson, James Franco and Benicio Del Toro. Hopefully, these movies will bring him back into the spotlight and earn him the respect that he has been missing for some time. Anyway, this movie was directed by David Gordon Green who also brought you movies like All the Real Girls, Underflow, Snow Angels, Pineapple Express, Your Highness, the Sitter, Prince Avalanche and Joe starring Nicolas Cage. For someone that has covered a wide range of genres, he really did make a mess of this movie and he didn't take advantage of the great cast. With 6 movies in the pipeline including the Innocent Man with George Clooney and Stronger with Jake Gyllenhaal, he should put this terrible movie behind him and put it down as a bad day at the office.Budget: $4millionWorldwide Gross: $132,000 (Terrible)I recommend this movie to people who are into their dramatic movies starring Al Pacino, Holly Hunter and Chris Messina. 2/10