The Sunshine Boys

The Sunshine Boys

Lewis and Clark, aka The Sunshine Boys, were famous comedians during the vaudeville era, but off-stage they couldn't stand each other and haven't spoken in over 20 years of retirement. Willy Clark's nephew is the producer of a TV variety show that wants to feature the reunion this classic duo. It is up to him to try to get the Sunshine Boys back together again for the show.

The film follows the extraordinary duo persuaded to reunite for a television although they seem to be rivals. What will happen in that process and through the show? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Isaac C (br) wrote: One of my favorite actors/comedians, Seth Green and his buddies are hilarious in this raunchy comedy!

Ken S (gb) wrote: I have a hunch that when recruiting, the Scientologists aren't showing "Battlefield Earth," because I doubt their numbers would be as strong. This movie is a horrible horrible thing. With a story that makes little sense, hammy acting from almost all involved, silly make-up, and cheesy effects that don't hold up too well...there really isn't a lot to like. It is, however, unintentionally hilarious at times. Watch with friends and laugh at how bad it really is.

Mike N (ru) wrote: entertaining and funny.

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