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Joe Pesci stars as Louie Kritski, a heartless landlord who has been so negligent in keeping up his ghetto apartment that he is threatened with jail time. The judge gives him another option, which he accepts -- he must live in his rat-infested hell hole until he brings it up to liveable standards. The judge gives him 120 days, during which time Louie meets many of his tenants, including drug dealer Marlon (Ruben Blades). Over time, Louie grows more sympathetic with their problems and sees the results of his own greediness. Unfortunately, Louie's father, Big Lou Kritski (Vincent Gardenia), is the real owner of the property, and he resists his son's entreaties to spend money to clean up the place.

A ruthless slumlord gets his just desserts after he is forced to move in one of his own tenements by a wise Manhattan judge. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lora R (nl) wrote: Good looking cast, a few good songs, visually colorful and nice.The story wasn't that good, because we have seen similar events in other movies. It is entertaining however and watchable, but don't have high expectations.

Steve R (au) wrote: A real hidden gem that caught me totally by surprise. A fun steampunk-inspired film aimed at kids but with a lot of good ideas. If you like the Indiana Jones and Mummy films, I think this one is well worth a try.

Bandido G (gb) wrote: Like a ratrain = cleanse/full auditoriumstuck song syndromeDu-na is super cute.

Jon C (gb) wrote: a sequel that actually improves upon its predecessorvery very short but the filmmakers decided to take the next big leap in the storyKenai and Koda are brothers closer than any yet things get tricky when they run into an old friend of Kenai's when he was human, Nitashe's marrying a member of her village but the spirits of the Northern Lights say she cant do it unless she breaks the bond her and Kenai shared back when they were kidsKoda is starting to feel a bit neglected as well seeing as how Kenai might consider going back to his old life and abandoning him foreverthe film's plot is extremely thin and it's just an excuse to show the characters get into all kinds of anticsthe mooses are pointless but the real focus here is sort-of a love triangle between the 3 leads choosing true love over brotherly-lovethe animation thank goodness isn't sucky and you are transported back into the wilderness with Koda and Kenaithis is more what the first movie should have done better

Jeff A (kr) wrote: I rented this because it stars Vincent Kartheiser from 'Mad Men'. What a piece of shit! It's basically your typically emo indy film where the lead character is so 'deep' and disconnected emotionally, he barely says a word, Daddy's under so much pressure he's becoming distant and despondent, and mommy, oh, mommy's overly religious and acts as if everything is okay, putting a smile on her face while secretly taking pills and drinking way too much. Think 'Garden State' mixed with a David Gordon Green flick. Speaking of DGG, the only redeeming quality of this film is the beautiful cinematography by the great Tim Orr. Other than that, it's trying way too hard. Everything, I mean, Everything is forced.

Andrew M (jp) wrote: Cars is the ride of a lifetime. This movie is brilliant and amazing. Cars takes you into the outside world of Pixar and it is amazing. The plot of this movie is heartwarming. Pixar has done it again. I would very much suggest this movie.

Donald P (nl) wrote: This is a BEAUTIFUL Film

THOMAS S (gb) wrote: With this film Chuck Norris packs a powerful punch against the giant Terror and this is an extremely well action-made and genuinely scary.

Greg P (kr) wrote: American Ninja 2 was a decent follow-up to the original. Michael Dudikoff and Steve James reprise their roles of Joe Armstrong and Jackson respectively and are now on a tropical island helping Marines. Dudikoff turns in about the same performance here but seems to have a little more trouble with the opposing ninjas at times but they don't stand much of a chance. James has some pretty funny lines here (yelling at the ninja to stay down for one) and does more in the sense of action and fighting which was pretty cool. The fight choreography is ok here and fun to watch but you never really get the sense that the characters are in any real danger and some of the ninja seem pretty inept, especially on the beach. Lastly, and this gives the movie an extra half star, American Ninja 2 has one of the greatest goofs in movie history. In a scene where Wild Bill is talking to Joe and Jackson in his office, another actor is standing in for Dudikoff as the two are leaving. It is so totally obvious and he even looks right at the camera and doesn't even look that much like Dudikoff. It's so funny.

Patrick D (br) wrote: This is a very intriguing film. With some twists and mystery. Bronson is cool as cool can be, but most of the supportings hold their own weight. To be corny, this film is just a fun effing train ride. With an incredible theme song by Jerry Goldsmith.

Kevin M W (fr) wrote: A different kind of John Wayne Western, one where the lines between good and evil aren't as simplistic or cartoony. Based on a Louis L'Amour novel and directed by John Farrow (Mia's dad), this is aided by the early 3-D filming process, making for gorgeous viewing, and Geraldine Page's film debut, who brings an earthy charm to the proceedings, and out of the Duke himself.

Steve P (mx) wrote: NOTE: This film was recommended to me by Bethany Rose for the "Steve Pulaski Sees It."Perhaps if released in the late 1980's, or even the 1990's, George Mihalka's My Bloody Valentine would've been a film many slasher fans would've sneered at; it would've likely been a film dismissed as "more of the same" in a genre unwilling to subvert its more predictable principles to become something greater. Being released in 1981, however, when the slasher film was still a fairly new concept, My Bloody Valentine is actually a very significant for the time period. It's one of the few films of that era that didn't spawn a legion of sequels, let alone even a followup, and managed to tell its story and wrap it up without the feeling that it needed to build a cult of support and development around its pickaxe-wielding killer. It's a film that tells its story and leaves its mark.The story is set in the small town of Valentine Bluffs, which is preparing for a Valentine's Day dance, the first in man years. A working class town where most men work as coal miners, the Valentine's Day dance was a popular event in the town before a mining accident occurred twenty years before. On-the-job negligence resulted in five men being trapped underground amidst dangerous level of methane gas. While four of the miners died, one survivor named Harry Warden survived through cannibalistic acts and was eventually rescued. A year later, after never being seen again, Harry exacted revenge on the supervisors that were responsible for the accident, killing them both and slicing through their chests to extract their hearts, which he left in Valentine boxes to be found; he warned Valentine Bluffs never to hold another dance again.With Harry being locked in an asylum and a new generation of spry young kids wanting to commemorate Valentine's Day with a dance, the town complies and hosts another dance. Once again, as foreshadowed by a few of the older townspeople, murders begin happening by a man in a gas-mask wielding a pickaxe; Harry has presumably returned to avenge a town that has disobeyed his only wish.My Bloody Valentine is rather dark and methodical for a slasher film, unwilling to commit to a more light-hearted aura like many of its successors would. Its fabulously paced score of synths and melodic music, composed by Paul Zaza creates actual suspense in conjunction with Mihalka's direction, which is filled with original camera-angles. Consider the closeups we see of the murderer, and the utterly gruesome deaths we see with an unblinking eye. Mihalka was going for something completely frightening and unapologetically terrifying with the mood he creates here, and it isn't until one sees this film after watching more comical entries into the genre that they realize what a breakthrough this film was, staying true to slasher films' original roots of being frightening, atmospheric, and tense.The narrative is just believable enough to keep one watching, as it's not crafted in total randomness, and the deaths are just brutal enough to warrant some legitimate scares or jolts. Seasoned horror fans and cult followers will take note that pressures from the MPAA forced Mihalka to edit and scale-back his film significantly in the gore-department, and Mihalka's original cut, despite being filmed, has never been released to the public. An extended cut was released on DVD to coincide with the film's remake in 2009, adding three minutes to the film's original version, despite never releasing the completely untampered original.With that, My Bloody Valentine is a particularly strong slasher because, for one, it recognizes its genre and respectfully handles its scares and its material, and secondly, plays along with the tropes by making this a heavily stylized slasher in aesthetic and atmosphere. It manages to be gruesome quite often, but elegant throughout, and with such a brutal concept, it's surprising that the result is so quaint.Starring: Paul Kelman, Lori Hallier, and Neil Affleck. Directed by: George Mihalka.

Michael F (kr) wrote: A tough, truely groundbreaking feature.