The Super Ninja

The Super Ninja

John, a police officer is framed and drugs are found in his home. He is arrested and brutally interrogated. Using his skills as a ninja, he escapes and uncover a plot to steal his girlfriend's father's life work. He travels to China to face the 5 Element Ninjas and rescue his girlfriend.

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The Super Ninja torrent reviews

Panos M (fr) wrote: I wouldn't recommend this film to someone who has already read the book. The original story is distorted in many ways and spoils the fun.

Ace W (kr) wrote: I Would Love to Own the DVD of this Awesome Tribute To the KING of Comedy.

Bill B (de) wrote: I feel as if I wanted to like this one more than it would actually let me, as I can barely remember anything about it and it's as if I blotted it from my mind the moment credits rolled, I only have vague memories of sketchy special effects.A rental at best, and I might try to give it a go again in the future, just to see if anything changes for me.

James W (kr) wrote: This is one of those movies I kept saying to myself, "I need to see that." Well, I finally did. It's a great film! James Cagney is absolutely wonderful as George M. Cohan. who was a Broadway actor, dancer, playwright, song writer, and singer and most of all a patriot. He was born on July 4th in the late 1800's. He was a member of a showbiz family and he went on to write some of the most patriotic songs of all time, such as "It's a Grand Old Flag" and "Over There." If you haven't seen it you should, it's great!

Rosanne A (it) wrote: scary but a good one

Leonardo C (ru) wrote: A brilhante estreia de Zemeckis. Divertido, roteiro amarradinho, e competente em mostrar um fenmeno, que poca ainda era um tanto recente. H cenas memorveis, como a de Nancy Allen erotizando os objetos do grupo no quarto de hotel. Os Beatles no precisam aparecer para se fazerem presentes e ainda mais mticos.