The Superhero

The Superhero

A city is brought to its knees by an army of drug addicts. A masked vigilante desperately fights back. The line between good and evil blurs into one.

A city is brought to its knees by an army of drug addicts. A masked vigilante desperately fights back. The line between good and evil blurs into one in 'The Superhero', a mix of live action... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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g s (ag) wrote: This move looks sweet dude!

Denise A (kr) wrote: It's a Pretty good kids movie!

Jenn T (ag) wrote: Interesting concept, unfortunately it was quite boring.

Barney o (jp) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Zack Snyder's 'Watchmen' is appealing for a number of reasons, but what makes it stand out amongst his filmography is how appropriately silly it is. Indeed unlike some of his more "ambitious" efforts, there's no over-egging going on here, and you get the sense it doesn't take itself too seriously for its level of sophistication. As such, when Snyder does introduce themes in such a juvenile manor, it flips by in the quirky way you feel it's designed to, as opposed to a way that shoves it down your throat with a very serious-looking mallet. Outside of that though, what makes the whole experience not only bearable but also rather successful is the characterisation, as these are genuinely human, occasionally amusing and often layered individuals who you can actually form attachments to. Couple that with some goofy visuals and an iconic style and you've got yourself a film that you can most definitely smile at, if not largely enjoy.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: Unfortunately, the amount of things Snyder tries to cram in here make it rather lengthy and extremely convoluted, and the way he delivers his themes is rather oddly comparable to the plot of 'Mamma Mia' - constantly going out of its way to allow characters to literally talk about the themes he wants to discuss, as opposed to letting it all organically flow and consequently play out properly. He may as well have let them sing about it.VERDICT: Snyder forces a narrative from getting characters to talk about the things he wants, but at least this time it's done in a way that will have you smiling rather than sleeping.

Jeremy S (us) wrote: Decent watch, but found myself becoming more and more irritated with the brother/sister duo. I know how it goes in horror flicks, but rarely do I feel like slapping both...

Stefan G (jp) wrote: Though it is a valid attempt at reviving Crocodile Dundee as a film series, it's also a rather shoddy attempt. The plot is basically a rehash of the previous films, except that Crocodile Dundee now has a son to take after him. It also tries hard to glare at Hollywood culture, but fails miserably at even that. The film is loaded with poor special effects, dumb action scenes, and basically everything we've seen ten times or more. Overall, the film-makers obviously didn't care for this film, because it's a poorly done comedy adventure with purely coincidental humour.

Sylvain F (au) wrote: It all rests on the shoulders of Asia Argento, who's just gorgeous and exciting. There's some good bits but overall, there is a sense that this movie is trying to be so many different things that it just fails at being great at any of them. Too bad, because the rest of the cast is great too, and the movie doesn't overstay its welcome. Again though, it's all about Argento... Damn...

Matthew C (au) wrote: Alien: Resurrection begins with Ripley being cloned and the scientists take the cloned Alien that was in her chest out and they begin to create the Xenomorph race in order to study them. When the Aliens find a way out, everyone must band together to prevent the Xenomorphs from threatening the human race. Overall, Resurrection is a pointless installment with over the top performances and a plot that isn't very good from the beginning. I don't recommend watching this Alien film.

Ruth L (fr) wrote: Good, but kind of forgettable.

Sterlin R (ca) wrote: This one of Bill Murray's funniest films for the summer.

Ville H (au) wrote: Hyvntuulinen elokuva. Taattua Hil & Spencer -laatua.

Richard C (jp) wrote: Not Wiseman's best... at all. This is pretty disappointing actually, seeing how his films typically go above and beyond, and still have the ability to educate, enlighten or shock the audience with first person accounts despite their age. Not so in Titicut Follies, no doubt his most well known piece. I think the film's hype and fame has much to do with its failure to meet expectations. Firstly, its popularity has caused vomit bags on every film website to spoil the content, and secondly, a lot can be inferred from the movie cover, spoiler-free summary, and infamy. And additionally, this subject, despite still being cringe worthy and depressing, has been overdone and over analyzed in modern day psychiatry, leaving an obsolete film like this (Perhaps the kick starter for the mental hospital evalutations) in the dust. So, while it's a controversial subject, one that's hard to look at, the expose format makes for mostly an uninteresting peer into the worldview at the time.

Steve W (br) wrote: Maybe its just me, but this movie seemed routine and average. John Wayne is a hardened calvary commander whose son has failed and is now stationed to where he is. And then his estranged wife enters. Natives kidnap some children. They get them back. The end. Not much else here, a basic action adventure film like any other, and that is why I didn't enjoy it, it had no personality of its own.

Kate C (ag) wrote: Fascinating. I can't say that I entirely understand it given that there is very little context... and I definitely need to see it again... but this really is one of the more interesting silent movies I've seen. I can't for the life of me figure out why it was made in 1929 though... around the depression *ponders* I wonder if it was before or after black thursday...

Adam R (ru) wrote: (First and only viewing - 8/25/2012)

Anna Q (us) wrote: Sweep the leg, Johnny!

Luke B (de) wrote: A film for true lovers of cheap and degrading entertainment. Only in the dark depths of cheese can you find a film where mosquitoes suck the blood of an alien that has crashed only to grow giant. Starts off as a kind of slasher, before speeding into a chase and ending Night of the Living Dead style. Gunnar Hansen does well, even if his presence is just to build up to him holding a chainsaw. The effects are charmingly old school, looking stop motion, the blood drain sequence is one of the best reminding me of Raiders of the Lost Arc. The eyes pop out before exploding in a very cartoonish way. The acting is fairly bland and the cheapness does get tiresome towards the end but it's all worth it. Dodgy lines, dodgy effects, dodgy everything. Impressed it sells on eBay for over $100 on DVD.