The Surrogate Woman

BEST ACTRESS WINNER AT VENICE FILM FESTIVAL !! Shin, a nobleman, had been trying to conceive a male heir to pass his family name. Unable to provide a male heir, Shin's wife gives her ...

However, tragedy comes from the growing love between the nobleman and his mother-for-hire, and all sorts of humiliations are visited upon the couple. The girl agrees to it, and the nobleman visits her for sex sessions while his wife calls out encouragement and instructions to the couple from just outside the room they are in. girl to provide them with a "sibaji," a contract child, in return for a small tract of land

The Surrogate Woman is a movies torrent of Kil-han Song. This movie was introduced in 1987. You can check list actors in this movies torrent, such as Soo-yeon Kang, Gu-sun Lee, Yang-ha Yun, Eun-jin Han, Hie Bang. There are many categories, such as Drama. The rating is 7.1 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie torrents. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Aswath V (us)

Even Illeana's cuteness cannot redeem this movie

Bals A (nl)

A nice and well-made film about family problems but I will never forgive that the Academy prefered this over Apocalypse Now

Dylan G (ru)

I honestly expected worse from a movie called "Kangaroo Jack"! B

Farron K (mx)

Definitely a rarity. If you've ever wanted a war movie that had little fighting and lots of drama, this is it. My only real problem with the film was that it never really left me with that sense of deep feeling that I get from other movies I rate 5/5, but overall, it was deserving of the honor. Really, the whole cast was excellent. Michael Mendl showed what it means to be a real man, Birgit Minichmayr is a solid supporting female actress, and Donevan Gunia is a great child actor. Schenck is like a morally-driven Ed Norton, Thomas Kretschmann is the German Jaime Lannister, and Andre Hennicke is amazing as the no-bullshit field officer. Christian Berkel as Dr. It feels rather odd to have something resembling admiration and sympathy for a convicted war criminal. Ulrich Matthes portrays Goebbels as unrepentantly brainwashed as ever, but Heino Ferch impressed me greatly with his portrayal of Albert Speer. Corinna Harfouch as Goebbels' wife is a beautiful, crazy witch who would rather murder her children than let them live in a world without Hitler. Alexandra Maria Lara does a great job as the secretary, and Bruno Ganz is the most believable Hitler one could imagine. This movie depicts the end of Hitler's empire through the eyes of his young secretary who, if the juxtaposition is to be believed, retold all of this decades later before her death. The foreign film classic that depicts the fall of the Third Reich from within

Farrukh Q (kr)

a gud movie dealing with the post 7/7 terrorist threat situation in britain

Greg W (us)

Neither neo-realist nor particularly artsy, Rocco might make for a fat, satisfying beach-read of a movie if only it weren't so convinced of its own magnitude

Guilherme N (ag)

Less leftist than Michael Moore's docs, here you have a raw but balanced, and specially human depiction of the food industry depiction

Jason J (it)

O. Gibson makes an excellent C

Leslie G (fr)

This film should be required viewing for every history, engineering, political and sociology student in America. I cannot imagine why any intelligent human being would not want to see the excellent information shown in this documentary

Lyle P (fr)

people who are asian-am majors should see this. true to life. good for what it was