The Swimsuit Issue

The Swimsuit Issue

A wild bachelor party and an agonizing defeat in floorball awakens Fredrik's passion for male synchronized swimming.

A bunch of aging athletes decide to form the first Swedish all male synchronized swimming team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jei P (ag) wrote: 78% did they sleep through the movie???

Kaitlyn R (fr) wrote: I can't wait to watch the final movie........

Justin R (nl) wrote: A definite must see for any runner-Steve Prefontaine had the potential to do anything and everything he wanted to, it's a shame he went so early.

Marc B (es) wrote: Better than it should have been. There will be a few random films watched in the coming months. Ticking off our holiday destinations by film. Seemed an obvious choice to start with.

Simon M (ca) wrote: Sensational! Up there with the best 80's and early 90's action films.

Hawkeye M (au) wrote: was a favorit - still?

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: More greatness, but it ends after this one. Who farted?

Whit w (it) wrote: This is a three story Made-For-TV anthology written by Richard Matheson and directed by Dan Curtis of "Kolchak: The Night Stalker" fame. You'd think with those industry credentials at it's disposal, "Dead of Night" would be a sure fire winner. But you'd be wrong. The three stories are pedestrian at best and more of the blame can be placed on Curtis than Matheson. It feels like the stories are good but the acting and direction are lacking. All of the stories are also cursed with that TV movie cheapness and have that late-70's softness to the camera work. It's a soft, filtered look. Kind of like what they use to try and make Barbara Walters not look as old as the hills when she's on camera these days.Anyway, none of the stories are scary in the least. The first is a melancholy time travel story. The second leads us to believe there's a vampire on the loose and the finale is a tale of resurrection by satanic ritual. It's fair to say the final shot of the movie shocks you and is unexpected but it's not frightening. It's a jump scare more than anything.Overall, this isn't worth watching unless you have a hankering for cheap 1970's Horror.

Private U (ru) wrote: A great movie. Realistic, almost documentary in style. A intense ending with marvelous editing and great action. Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt is outstanding!

Ken S (us) wrote: William Friedkin proves that he can still make a great film even in as he gets older, with this claustrophobic drama about a alcoholic/drug-addicted lonely woman that lost her son and is fearing the return of convict ex-husband, who befriends a quiet drifter...but their friendship takes bizarre turns when it turns out the drifter is possibly a paranoid and delusional veteran. It is a fine little film that mostly takes place in one small location, and really rides on the fantastic performances of Ashley Judd and Michael Shannon. They are both tremendous as he becomes increasingly erratic and she falls deeper and deeper into his delusions.

Walter M (ru) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]"Blume in Love" starts in Venice where divorce lawyer Stephen Blume(George Segal) is ruminating about his 6-year marriage and divorce to Nina(Susan Anspach), a social worker, and wonders where it all went wrong. Could it be right at the end when he did the cliched thing by having sex with his secretary, Gloria(Annazette Chase), which is followed by Nina tossing him out on the street? After a quickie divorce in Las Vegas, Blume runs into Arlene(Marsha Mason), an attractive acquaintance, who is also divorced. It is not long before they are having sex, too.[/font][font=Century Gothic]Written and directed by Paul Mazursky, "Blume in Love" is an unsettling, honest and eventually disturbing movie about love and marriage in modern day America. It may appear on the surface that Blume and Nina have vastly different jobs but maybe Blume is also aiding people by helping them to get out of bad marriages. In fact, the movie's central point is to find your own way, and that may not always mean marriage. In the 1970's people were exploring themselves in novel ways which is what Nina is attempting to do but Blume is too square to keep up.(He has a habit of returning to Venice. It does seem beautiful but still...) After the marriage is over, Blume tries to move on and try new things but love does not end simply at a divorce. So, he obsesses madly.[/font]

Marcus W (fr) wrote: The film rests on Hayworth's performance and she doesn't stumble.