The Swinging Cheerleaders

In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad.

In order to write an expose on how cheerleading demeans women, a reporter for a college newspaper infiltrates the cheerleading squad

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Users reviews

A5J4D X (ca)

illiant as expected by Guy Ritchie!. . . 8/10 This was just great! Although not as good as Snatch but very entertaining and the way it was directed and brought everything together

Al B (ag)

t received a lot of laughter and clapping during the the Maryland film festival screening, as well as a standing ovation at the end! Amazing, feel-good movie - I've been looking for this family comedy to watch with my kid for years!. An unbelievably funny comedy, made the way comedies haven't been made since the very 80's!! Amazing cast packed with starts, truly original jokes

Alex B (ag)

A fine example of the genre of a sane man going undercover, getting unjustly locked up, as a patient in a mental institution

Amber S (ru)

I will recommend every Christian see it and I will purchase it when it becomes available. Very good movie. They all lie to get what they want even kill people without giving it a second thought. It reminds us just how corrupt our government is all the way up to the president. I saw this movie last week

Barry P (ru)

Perhaps more for the 10-12yo market (or equivalent). Hugh Jackman? Maybe I am too old for this one

Franois B (jp)

Trs bon film d'horreur, bien construit !

Jaeyoung L (mx)

so sooooooooooooooooooooooo

John W (jp)

Direction that failed to build any tension or sense of fear and discomfort and wooden acting thoroughly suppressed any cleverness in the idea. Neat premise that had potential to be scary with a bit of 'monster in the mirror' social commentary, unfortunately it was poorly executed

Paul P (ca)

. . . This film just makes me happy every time I watch it. Emily Browning in particular is brilliant with the tunes. Just superb. . . . . Then we have the music. The story is slight but the cast work together so well and the tone of the film really connected with me. I love this film

Private U (ru)

Highly recommended. all in her dreams! Kinda reminded me of "The Twilight Zone" and was definitely creepy. . . This was was pretty freaky, dealing with a wealthy widow being haunted by her dead husband and being seduced by a guy