The Sword in the Stone

The Sword in the Stone

Wart is a young boy who aspires to be a knight's squire. On a hunting trip he falls in on Merlin, a powerful but amnesiac wizard who has plans for him beyond mere squiredom. He starts by trying to give him an education, believing that once one has an education, one can go anywhere. Needless to say, it doesn't quite work out that way.

Powerful but amnesiac wizard Merlin teaches a young boy who is destined to be King Arthur. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris B (es) wrote: The One I Love has an interesting premise, but the filmmakers didn't take it far enough to really do it justice. I love screenplays that try to do something that has never been done before, but unfortunately, a movie named Coherence came out in 2013 and explored many of the same themes and ideas. Not only did it explore the same ideas, it did so in a more original way, one that wasn't predictable and actually earned my emotions. The One I Love left me wondering what the point of the entire endeavour was. This was a mystery movie, but what was the intent? Twenty minutes into the film, I had figured out exactly what the last shot was going to be. Did I know exactly how things were going to unfold? No, but I had enough of an idea that I was wishing myself towards the ending, instead of allowing things to organically unfold. It is an interesting movie, but not one that I would recommend over some of the other science fiction indie films that have come out in recent years. On the plus side, the acting was solid and the direction was serviceable, but this one doesn't go on the recommended list. 3 out of 5 stars.

Steve F (ca) wrote: This recieved high marks and a critic wrote that it was a thriller...Pretty dry and nothin happens is what i saw.

John R (jp) wrote: 090905: I attempted to watch this movie last night but failed. Bad acting and poor sound consistency tried my patience (hard to hear at one point then overly loud at another). Waited until today and enjoyed it much more my will strengthened by two Red Stripe. It was nice to see the townsfolk actually take the right action unlike High Noon (1952). I had the film rated as a 2 but am now raising it to a 2.5. That's as far as I'll go however. Trust me, that's as far as I'll go regardless of how many Red Stripe I consume.

Jeremy B (mx) wrote: Every generation needs its own version of "Before Sunrise"

KY S (ru) wrote: it's a very good movie i love the action ..

Irene S (nl) wrote: excelkent movie about the "disappearing" of argentine citizens which the military government were against between 1976 and 1983. and even though this is a fictious story there is a lot of trust build in

Nicholas A (ca) wrote: Sweet William, Common Rosemary, Black-Eyed Susan...This movie is filled with symoblism and metaphors. After "running" away from home, a gay man named William returns to his dysfunctional family (10 years later) to attend his sister's wedding. Not long after arriving, he begins to realize why he left in the first place, and new family secrets start to emerge as William recalls his past.

Kenneth B (fr) wrote: Classic British crime thriller. Perhaps the best Bob Hoskins performance I've seen...Roger Rabbit aside of course.

David D (kr) wrote: Not a great thriller storywise but it has a fine cast who give some excellent performances

Annie C (ca) wrote: Never let anyone become your whole world, for the world shall never change for you, especially when you allow yourself to be ever so humbly insignificant.

Brandon R (mx) wrote: Sam Neil, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and the rest of the cast were awesome. The script was new and fresh for 1993 and a movie like this will just never be done again. This is easily a 5 star movie and was firing on all 8 cylinders from beginning to end.

Ryan S (ca) wrote: The first half is very strangely edited and, frankly, pretty boring. The second half is some of the best stuff we've seen from a Bond film. Fantastic action and real emotion; something not often present in these films. Geroge Lazenby gives an underrated performance. Diana Rigg and Telly Savalas give great performances and the ending is one of the best from any Bond film.

Ashley w (es) wrote: Great acting and story