The Sword with No Name

The Sword with No Name

A Joseon dynasty bounty hunter becomes the body guard of the queen he secretly loves.

A Joseon dynasty bounty hunter becomes the body guard of the queen he secretly loves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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August S (jp) wrote: Another contribution from Afterdark films to the list of good horror films. The creepy atmosphere and the good story works. It has some good new ideas and great tension. And aside from some, it was greatly acted especially by the twins and the detective. And yeah, It's really creepy, and new.

Ashwin D (gb) wrote: i dint llike the movie...too much crying and rather watch some fun filled movie...

Michael O (it) wrote: Being a filmmaker, this movie checks off some very personal points about how artistry and romance intermingle during a movie. Violence makes its appearances too, no doubt.What brings Irma Vep close to my heart after only one viewing is that all of these elements are done so well.

Post G (ru) wrote: Oversimplifies what could have been a very fascinating story. O'Toole is ridiculous, and both he and Burton are very black and white characters. There was so much potential for grey here, but unfortunately missed.

Grayson W (us) wrote: Some cool special effects scenes, and the bully from Friday, but ultimately I was not that engaged by this supernatural prison thriller.

Dean H (jp) wrote: Beautifully shot & Henry Fonda is extremely likable. Yet another John Ford western I'm glad I finally checked out.

Nick R (fr) wrote: Pretty good. Hilarious slapstick and play-on-words. Some issues with editing, but not horrible.Duck Soup is still probably my favorite of the Marx Brothers.

Gregg D (us) wrote: This Original Dr. Dolittle movie is one of my childhood favorites.