The Symmetry of Love

The Symmetry of Love

Alex, a young journalist girl, enters in the life of Kyle by chance. He's a seductive architect who doesn't know his ex-wife, Elizabeth, is back in town after the death of her very rich - very old Parisian new husband. Elizabeth takes up her career as a psychologist and she has a new patient: Richard. He is afraid of the way his sexual life with Jane is going. She is a quiet and shy librarian with hidden hobbies, who likes to chat on the internet with Enzo, Kyle's best friend. Richard is paying his therapy with the money he earns as a mariachi chocolate seller in supermarket promotions while he waits for his novels to be published. One of the novels tells the story of his ex-girlfriend Alex... (

Richard is in love with Jane; Alex likes Kyle; Kyle's ex-wife Elizabeth is back in town; Elizabeth is guiding Richard's love-life; Richard's ex-girlfriend, Alex, finds about the novel he's writing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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