The Taker's Crown

The Taker's Crown

As a sinister man called Tome attempts to seize ultimate supremacy, the Lost King Wiglaf must assemble an unlikely team to find The Taker's Crown of power before Tome claims it and all is lost.

The legendary King Wiglaf must assemble the most unlikely team to find The Taker's crown of power before Tome| the Titan thief| claims it and brings destruction upon
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Lemanie S (us) wrote: I wanted cheesey and I got something just a little more..... favorite lines - the 101 puns

Kay L (it) wrote: Yeah, they're not to be taken seriously at all.

Aletha L (de) wrote: It deserves higher than 62%! Warm well told family movie

Mikael S (nl) wrote: what it lacks in a great villain (GUY PEARCE SUCKS) it makes up for in super explosive cinema fun. Pepper steals the show (her finest IRON MAN appearance, sadly probably her last).

Jake P (br) wrote: Love this movie and the entire cast

bob b (fr) wrote: Have always like this

Richard P (de) wrote: Sheriff Frank Wilson: We've got nothing to show. What the hell's the matter with you? Goddammit, Coop, people have got to see something!Deputy Sheriff Christopher 'Coop' Cooper: Tell 'em we're all out of souvenirs.

Kim M (gb) wrote: Confusing and weird. And not in a good way. Skip it.

Wellington O (ru) wrote: The movie is very short and enjoyable. It's the very first Mae West's movie I've ever seen and although I'm not crazy in love with her voice, she sure is a walking sex and has a mostly good performance in this film. It's just a pitty that on 1933 the Oscar for Best costume design didn't exist yet, because if it did, the Lady Lou's impressive gowns would certainly get a movie a nomination in the category - or even win.

christopher t (au) wrote: laugh all though the movie

The Movie W (gb) wrote: Struggling to cope with the death of their young daughter, Blair and Close head off to a remote home in the Pacific Northwest, attempting to save their marriage. There they meet neighbors D'Arcy and Miner who they invite to dinner. Unable to deal with their guests odd behavior, Blair and Close kick them out, only for them to return with guns and invade the couple's home. D'Arcy played the role of Anthony Hopkins in the recent 'Hitchcock' biopic and his resemblance to the 'Psycho' star adds an extra element of creepiness to his role here. Sadly, he's really the only standout in an otherwise dull and cliched affair. The dinner scene is quite tense but the movie's second half does nothing new with its home invasion plot. The film is shot in ugly grey tones which are no doubt intended to reflect its somber mood but it makes for grim viewing in all the wrong ways.