The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

In New York, armed men hijack a subway car and demand a ransom for the passengers. Even if it's paid, how could they get away?

In New York, armed men hijack a subway car and demand a ransom for the passengers. Even if it's paid, how could they get away? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three torrent reviews

Cherie T (kr) wrote: This film pissed me off! I figured it out who the villain was as soon as they were introduced at the beginning of the film. The film was slowly-paced with too many scenes of Lindsay Lohan dancing. Now, I'm not saying that it wasn't part of the plot, but we really don't need to watch entire routines to get the point. Also, the ending was disappointing. I don't want to give any spoilers, but the ending was slightly abrupt and very cheesy (especially the last shot).

Eliabeth W (jp) wrote: There are much better movies about virus outbreaks. The movie was WAY to long. It could have been much shorter for what it was and accomplished the same.

Joffrey H (es) wrote: A bit drawn out I thought.

Anne K (es) wrote: okay this movie is so freakin' cheesey we had to stop the movie and start laughing our heads off. it was so dumb that we had to actually turn it off and rent a diffrent movie. DON"T WASTE MONEY,POPCORN,OR ANYTHING ON THIS MOVIE!

Chelsea M (de) wrote: kind of tedious but worth the watch

Samuel C (gb) wrote: A criminally underrated dark comedy that almost has the same strength as Neil Simon's stage play.

Vitaliy S (fr) wrote: Roman Polanski made an awesome horror story-like back in 1967... Once I watched that soft horror movie before... but did not lure the name of it in my mind... It was the time of studying at school... As years passed by, I tried to seek for the information about the movie... and all of a sudden, found it. The best vampire movie!

Blake P (nl) wrote: I was not expecting this movie to be this good! Elizabeth (Mercouri) and her lover (Schell) are planning a brand new heist, to retrieve a emerald embedded dagger in one of the most high security museums in the world. They recruit amateurs as their help-- a trapeze artist and a bumbling small time smuggler named Arthur (Ustinov). Trouble is, the Istanbul police find out that Arthur is part of this plot, and recruit him to spy on his bosses while still working for them, and in return not get any jail time. Will it work? "Topkapi" is mostly a hidden movie, and I was not thinking I would like it this much! I already really like most of director Jules Dassin's work, but I never thought one of his last movies would have as much "pozzazz" as some of his first. Heist movies were getting seriously popular in the '60's, and while most are forgettable, this one isn't. "Topkapi" is a colorful, often funny, suspenseful movie that is not to be missed. It's always entertaining, but even people interested in art can like it too-- most of the movie was filmed in Istanbul. There's so much going for this movie-- it's a comedy, but it's still a crime film. It sounded like a spoof to me, but it isn't. It all goes from the characters, but what the coolest thing is, is the transition of the genres. The first hour and fifteen minutes is a full on comedy, and giggling is promised. For the next half-hour, one of the most tense and suspenseful heists is pulled off, almost as good as the scene in Dassin's other movie, "Rififi". The cast is just as appealing-- Melina Mercouri being one of the most fun femme fatales in movie history, Schell is one of the most menacing crime bosses I've seen, and Ustinov makes this movie hilarious and witty, his Oscar was definitely well earned. "Topkapi" is a hidden gem, and I really liked it. Recommended.

Chauveau P (mx) wrote: beginning is nice and the end is easy

Nicholas L (fr) wrote: Dances with Wolves is one of "the" American classics that embraces the true western genre with a beautiful portrait and historical story surrounding the rich heritage of the Native American culture and an extremely balanced perspective on Manifest Destiny. Not too mention the lush and gorgeous soundtrack of John Barry and the focused vision of Kevin Costner's directing.

Marco A (au) wrote: Good plot and well executed

Tor M (ru) wrote: An incredible stylich animated film - I seldom see such beautiful craftmanship.Relatable films for me are "Brazil" by the atmosphere, "The Lives Of Others" by the paranoia and "Enter the Void" by the inner head voice-thing. Great stuff.Anyhow, the year is 2024 and things are quite dark and sad. The oil are gone and everyting is gray and grim, also the headquarters of the metro that got all of Europe connected. People seem unhappy, also Roger that is the main-character here as he goes on a hunt for answers in a nightmarish world.So far, so good - and it get's better. Vincent Gallo is the voice of the main-guy. Other voices are done by Juliette Lewis, Stellan and Alexander Skarsgrd, Fares Fares and other known names. The music is splendid and so are the atmosphere. Among the trivia it must be mentioned that the faces are taken from real people - real, unknown, regular people that have been getting their faces caught by a photocamera and then solidly photoshoped. The director is an earlier big shot in the Swedish graffiti scene back in the 90's - that's way cool and you can tell he's got an eye for perfection. Again, this looks absolutely incredible.Well, this got to be a big film for me, right? Sadly - no, it's not. The story is not engaging at all and it's really hard to stay focused. It got little suspense and no true climax. I don't really know the characters and the little drama we get is not interesting at all. A shame to give this film a mediocre score, really, but it's just great craftmanship, without the correct ingredients.5 out of 10 West Ham supporter scarfs.

Gavin H (us) wrote: Classic revolutionary horror movie that set the bar real high!

Franck P (br) wrote: Anne 65, on suit le jeune Andy Nichol, 12 ans, dans sa dernire anne de collge. Emmen par un Ed Harris (que j'aime cet acteur !), en professeur modle, et une pliade de jeunes acteurs, ce rcit autobiographique, aborde de faon amusante la dcouverte des premiers mois du jeune lve, mais plus srieusement de droit la diffrence, de tolrance J'ai pris un rel plaisir le voir avec mes fils.