The Tale of Zatoichi

The Tale of Zatoichi

The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur who also happens to be a master swordsman.

The adventures of a blind, gambling masseur who also happens to be a master swordsman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jared M (jp) wrote: Great documentary. Very refreshing to see someone asking the right questions. I recommend anyone with an interest on the topic of fracing see this documentary.

Merkley M (br) wrote: This documentary is 2% about Breitbart and 98% about American media.

Matt B (ca) wrote: A weird and often visually impressive debut for the young writer/director/star Evan Glodell. For an apocalypse movie starring a bunch of unknowns, I really was impressed with the acting. I believe the early Tarantino comparisons are a bit of a stretch, but non-the-less, this was a very intriguing film from each stylish shot to the next. The far-fetched story plays out really well about these two friends (Woodrow and Aidan) who's only mission in life to start their adulthood is to build a flamethrower and a muscle car to survive an apocalypse from their favorite movie (Mad Max). Their plans hit a snag when Woodrow falls for a girl which starts a downward spiral of plenty of mayhem and violence with a dash of romance and betrayal. The only knock I had on the concept was it doesn't seem like anyone in this movie has a job. So how do they all have houses and how do these friends have the bank to pay for the flamethrower and the car? The word to sum up this movie although it can be tough to watch at times - badass. One can't help but admire how these buddies go through with their crazy dream of building a flamethrower and muscle car "Medusa". Evan Glodell sure has impressed with his dark attention to detail in his visuals. Lots of credit is to be given to a man who is in on just about every aspect of creating such a cool film. The best directors are always the ones who write their own material. For such a young director to be able to get decent acting out of a bunch of virtually unknowns is pretty impressive in itself. At no point in the film did I ever really notice that I was really watching a movie with a bunch of inexperienced actors in it. Glodell did a great job sucking the viewer in with great visuals so you didn't have time to even think about the acting. All in all, a very bad-ass film with lots of visuals, but I think this is a "one-time watcher", because it's a gritty and tough film to watch. Movie Breakdown - Writing: 16/25 Directing:18/25 Cinematography:20/25 Acting:13/25 Total: 67/100

Robin E (ag) wrote: A short movie in black and white about friendship between 2 boys in England. Very sweet.

Vanda R (kr) wrote: A romantic comedy in which a typical dry British sense of humour meets the quirky and crazy American outlook on life. Very funny and at the same time as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate on a winter day. And of course Colin Firth is brilliant... yet again...

Harland G (nl) wrote: That's a lot of fish

Ro G (br) wrote: Wow. How very very odd.

Andrea E (gb) wrote: Every time I watch this movie I like it even more. I thought Julia Roberts and Dennis Quaid had great chemistry. The movie had some great moments, lots of laughs and a good storyline. Favorite moments: First when she goes and confronts her husband in town in her pj's....Second would be when she confronts all the ladies at the womans meeting....Third would be when her and her hubby dance near the end of the flick. Loved the fact that she made him work for her trust and love sorry does not make it better!!

Dev K (it) wrote: If you're a scuba diver or ever want to go diving,do *not* see this movie...

Martin S (jp) wrote: If you don't have the MST3K version to look at, then you should have no good reasons to see the unbeleviably shitty Gremlins rip-off known as Hobgoblins.

Denise P (jp) wrote: Though well-meaning and emotionally complex, Robert Redford's Ordinary People is thoroughly manipulative on a terribly injudicious scale, and populated with self-pitiful characters.

Raya P (nl) wrote: Interesting and well-acted.

Steve G (es) wrote: I saw this vacationing in Europe many years ago. Probably the least of the Bogey/Bacalls, but still incredibly enjoyable.

Mikki M (kr) wrote: BIg fan of everyone involved in this movie so I can't wait for its release. I'll see it several times in the theaters.

Javier D (ru) wrote: "Rio Salvaje" (1960) cuenta la historia de una anciana y su nieta que se resisten a abandonar el Valle de Tennessee, frecuentemente golpeado por inundaciones, por lo que el gobierno decide evacuar a la zona y construir una gran presa. La anciana es interpretada por Jo Van Fleet (a quien Elia Kazan ya habia dirigido en Al Este del Eden). Montgomery Clift hace el papel de empleado del gobierno encargado de persuadir a los moradores rebeles que se niegan a salir y la bella Lee Remick interpreta a la nieta. Es una gran pelicula con la misma carga dramatica de al Este del Eden. (Texto sin acentos)