The Tall Man

The Tall Man

When her child goes missing, a mother looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children.

Everyone suspects a man named " The tall man" kidnaps the kids without a trace. Everything becomes a nightmare for Julia Denning when her son is lost. She is stuck in terrible days to look for information about him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrin R (ca) wrote: A good story made this interesting. It was very confusing at times though. Would be nice to see again for additional clarity.

Sergio C (jp) wrote: apos, deq ue aosl dnainsinais der poa,s de poasl der cnbausbau sde aols de auhs de pa sde iausbas

Mark S (fr) wrote: Dire...appalling script and acting.

Craig M (au) wrote: Dreadful.. that simple. Insane almost to the point of painfully so 'weak monster', crap acting with little more than scream/scream/babble/scream, plot you could drive buses through and not hit a good point of interest, no logic to the story (at all), a horrific scene of two idiots trying to talk about their kids while a monster is killing everyone around them, and accents so thick I basically listened to the film only 20% of the time because I don't speak Insane Euro-garbage. Wow.. just, wow.

Maverick G (it) wrote: Though the plot of National Treasure can get pretty far fetched at times, it is a thrilling ride with great performances from the cast, humor sprinkled throughout, and amazing set pieces with an "Indiana Jones" type feel.

Sebastian G (gb) wrote: Great to suspenseful movie don't look at everyone else's ratings.

Harry W (nl) wrote: Starring both Nicolas Cage and Joaquin Phoenix, 8mm was a definite must see for me. 8mm is not the most interesting film, but it deals with the investigation of the underworld of the pornographic industry which is not one that I have seen dealt with before. I hear stories about snuff films and have seen some explicit stuff on the internet, but in actual fact I have seen nothing about it in films. The plot does tend to enter unrealistic territory quite a bit and the second half of the film loses the momentum that the first half had the potential for, but as a whole it has good intentions. It just does not have the best execution. The thing is that the mystery is all there and the way that it progresses towards uncovering it is half decent, but there is only so far the story can honestly go. It's pretty much a routine crime thriller film but with new subject matter to it. It's not as bad as it could have been, but it is a rather formulaic one with an unsurprising premise and quite a few silly moments.The issue in 8mm can be attributed to the script. The dialogue itself is of mixed quality because although the language is firm and written well enough and even has some decent moments of black comedy, but it is very repetitive and has characters that are nothing but one-dimensional and limit the actors to being unable to transcend that. The acting in 8mm is not a problem, but the characters in the film are not that great and their motives seem rather confusing since they do not explain themselves all that well. The dialogue essentially refuses to explain what the deal is with the characters, so it is easy to walk away from 8mm easily confused by its story. And plus, although it deals with the shady underside of the pornographic industry, all the film does is say that people get involved with it not because they have sick obsessions with the psychosexual nature of the material, but simply because they are bad people and do it so that they can have power over someone else's body. 8mm is pretty much largely a sadistic anto-pornographic film which puts so much focus on dictating that it is nothing but rape on camera, and it shows that when protagonist Tom Welles gets involved with them, he becomes nothing but a sadistic man himself. It felt like it was writer Andrew Kevin Walker's own propaganda story, and although Joel Schumacher's direction attempts to make it better than that, the fact is that the material is just not strong enough to stand up. As much as he aims for psychological depth, he cannot grasp it because the script refuses to allow it. His role as director is good on 8mm for many reasons, but the fact is that the script is just a large issue in the film and cannot be anything but a one-dimensional crime thriller film with subject matter that stands out as being too intimidating for most writers to explore. 8mm is an ok film and it isn't as bad as many critics claim it to be, nor is it exploitation. But it is not a good film. But thanks to director Joel Schumacher, it does manage to find some moments of intensity in its progress towards the end and therefore is an atmospheric film. It's interesting to wonder what is going to happen next, and thanks to the execution by Joel Schumacher everything has a good visual style to it. The cinematography in 8mm always matches the mood, and the dark colour palette of the film gives everything a grim feel while still looking clear enough for viewers to be able to see just what is happening. Plus the musical score is decent as well.And all in all, the cast make a decent effort in 8mm regardless of the poor quality of the script.Nicolas Cage is the ideal cast member for the lead in 8mm. Although his performance does not have many surprises, it has the natural heroic Nicolas Cage archetype which he is recognised for bringing to many roles. He delivers his lines in a way which says "I know what I'm doing and let me do it", so he has a lot of confidence in the role. And when it comes to some of the intense scenes, his emotions rise to the challenge and he projects a lot of powerfully angry energy in the part. Nicolas Cage realises that the role is a shallow one and therefore does what he does best and delivers the angry Nicolas Cage archtype to the role. The thing is that in a film like 8mm, the material is rough and dark enough for him to be able to get away with it. So Nicolas Cage's leading performance in 8mm is the only really consistently interesting thing, and he should entertain fans with his effort.Joaquin Phoenix is also a decent supporting actor in 8mm. Although the role is quite a wacky one and does not demand all that much from him, he makes it a likable effort and delivers his lines with easy charisma, occasionally giving viewers some moments where they can laugh. He delivers the material really organically and sinks into the role well, as well as sharing a firm chemistry with Nicolas Cage which makes them a good leading duo.James Gandolfini is also a good supporting cast member in 8mm because although the material is weak, he speaks his lines with natural strength and never looks back.So although 8mm has a good leading performance from Nicolas Cage and benefits from the stylish direction of Joel Schumacher, the fact is that the script is nothing but one dimensional characters and repetitive dialogue against the backdrop of an overly simplistic and thin premise which becomes stretched out fairly soon and eventually has nowhere to go so it ends up walking in circles for the remainder of the film.

Andrew D (es) wrote: Great film ... with strong cast and great acting.Would highly recommend to others to watch.

Rod C (ag) wrote: This Movie was part of our basic training whilst doing my national service in 1970 it has been seen by all recruits in the Australian army for a long time

Dillon K (gb) wrote: Summed up by the anticlimactic scissorfight, Taking Lives is a run of the mill thriller that forgets to actually be thrilling.

Ali E (fr) wrote: I expected a lot of T&A with boring plot in between, however I was pleasantly surprised to see it's more of a crude slapstick comedy with brief nudity.