The Target

The Target

At the same time as murder suspect Yeo-hoon is brought unconscious to the emergency room following a shooting incident, an assailant breaks into the house of Tae-jun, the emergency room's doctor in charge, and kidnaps his wife. The kidnapper calls the doctor and tells him to bring Yeo-hoon to him. To retrieve his wife, Tae-jun has no option but to save the patient and sneak him away before the police can notice.

Yeo-hoon has given up his career as a mercenary killer to pursue a normal life. But when he witnesses a CEO's death, making himself a suspect as well as a target, everything changes. He flees to a hospital and teams up with the doctor Tae-joon to rescue Tae-joon wife who is captured as a hostage by corrupt criminals. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Inna H (nl) wrote: A movie like a dream. Lavant is awesome is this film - one minute he's a beggar the next he is a hit man. Mesmerizing.

Andrew F (fr) wrote: this is the ultimate pile of poo

Rahul N (br) wrote: Anurag kashyap at darkest best, Wonderful soundtrack by Piyush Mistra. A must watch.

Jonathan D (it) wrote: IS MADAGASCAR 2: ESCAPE TO AFRICA ANY GOOD?Superior sequel finds our heroes fleeing Madagascar and reuniting with Alex's (Ben Stiller) family in Africa, where another lion threatens his family's claim to lead the pride. Meanwhile, Melman (David Schwimmer) struggles to confess his feelings to Gloria (Jada Pinkett Smith) and Marty tries to establish his own identity among scores of identical zebras. Loaded with hilarious non-sequiturs and inspired silliness.IS IT OKAY FOR YOUR KIDS?Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa is rated PG. A large male hippo flirts with a female hippo; the camera focuses on his large buttocks and he says how he likes large females. There's plenty of slapstick violence.ANY WORTHWHILE MESSAGES TO DISCUSS?We all have talents that can contribute to the good of all.

Oliver E (ru) wrote: I'm not yet used to these kinds of films so I felt bored a lot of the time but it very much so redeemed itself in the end. It's an extremely important film and I'm glad I have the opportunity to watch it.

Adam R (kr) wrote: (First and only viewing - In my early twenties)

Michael O (ag) wrote: Dancing With Wolves starring Kevin Costner tells the tale of a former Confederate Officer who transitions into joining the Union forces during the Civil War. He is a man who at the end of the movie is almost dying because of loss of blood and is miraculously given the strength to mount a noble steed and head toward certain death. However, our hero escapes and goes toward doing what is right. The social commentary of the film surrounds the idea of death of self as a rebirth. He is a man who was living and being apart of the wrong side but he escapes by some Spiritual grace and is transformed. After being taken in by the Sioux tribe he sees that what has happened is not a coincidence and strives to overcome conflict and find his path. The movie is elegantly shot and some of the views are breathtakingly colorful. The soundtrack adds depth and pace and makes the shorter seems as well as the longer ones more enthralling. By the time the movie revolves we see the archetype of the "rebirth" as Costner is completely transformed and his moral standing is honored by the Sioux peoples as well as those fighting for the Union. It was a slow burn and by that I mean it took a while for it to develop but when it did, boy was it good. I would highly recommend this film and I think that I gained a greater appreciation to natural lighting and nature shots after seeing this film. Even though it was a four hour film the cinematography, lighting and sound make it a masterpiece of its time and preserves the film.

Andrew W (au) wrote: This film, apart from elements of the soundtrack and the cars, has aged gracefully. The mix of the cop buddy movie with a plot that predates District 9 by 20 years is still as potent. Excellent performances from Caan and Patinkin carry this movie strongly through to the end. Clever, visceral and heart felt, this is a well constructed twist on the cop movie.

Ariel V (br) wrote: Arguably Martin Scorsese's best movie.It isperhaps the greatest film of its decade. The edition,the photography,the god!its wonderful.

Stella D (ru) wrote: very well done. love the fat guy and his cats. a very young brooke shields dies almost immediately

Jason J (br) wrote: The first in the Samurai Trilogy is a brilliant tale of a wild peasant orphan who after some trials and tribulations gets to become a samurai. A great storyline and beautiful cinematography add up to make a fantastic movie. Roll on Part 2!