The Taste of Money

The Taste of Money

In this suspenseful erotic drama, the private male secretary and lover of Madam Baek, a Korean conglomerate's middle-aged matriarch, falls for her more genuine daughter. Meanwhile, Madam Baek's husband has an affair with the Filipino nanny.

Newly-hired gofer Young-Jak Joo becomes a key pawn in a powerful South Korean corporate-crime family obsessed with sex, money, and intrigue. The family bribes a government official to take ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gimly M (kr) wrote: Some really intense visual queues to get behind, to be sure, but apart from that there was nothing much to love. The real problem however, lies in Atrocious' being Spanish. Now I'm not one of those types that will refuse to watch a film simply because it isn't in English, chuck me some subtitles or a dialogue-light premise and we're good to go. Unfortunately, Found Footage Horror and poor audio dubbing make strange bedfellows to say the least. The end result is that there's absolutely no suspension of disbelief to be had, which (apart from being cheap) is sort of Found Footage's whole thing.I'd quite like to hear from someone who *does* speak Spanish, and manages to find a copy of the film in its original language, to see what they thought of it. Unfortunately, I can only respond based on my own personal experience, which was pretty poor.

Genevive C (kr) wrote: This was my first introduction to Margaret Cho. She's pretty funny. And she's really good at imitations.

Luckee C (jp) wrote: Action Replayy is a good family film, I mean for the whole family together, you should watch it on your spare time at Diwali or something, but mostly as a time-pass movie, the film fails to create an impact! The over-acting, badly written script, ridiculous performances ruin the hilarious humor in between! Some funny scenes, some romance scenes, some action, that's about it! Recommended at your own risk! Verdict = Flop

TVB R (es) wrote: It's a ripoff of a ripoff of a movie, Grease. However, the songs are catchy and the choreography is so damn good. And at least my ear drums were not raped. While High School Musical is an Anti-Christ, this one is sort of, but not really. FINAL VERDICT: 20/100!

Nicolas M (us) wrote: Pour l' oeuvre globale du r???alisateur...Incontestablement une des plus belles femmes du monde ( la sienne...) doubl??????? du plus beau sourire de la galaxie ( celui de son actrice "f?tiche" donc... )Des couleur et des plans magnifiques.Le Vietnam sans quitter son salon.J' adore ses films, mais lui par contre je le deteste.

Pepe W (jp) wrote: I suppose this is, in my honest FACT, the worst movies ever made with A-List actors in it. Ruined my mellow one-night stand date! Great movie for puke inducing without the use of your finger.

Kristian O (ca) wrote: Samurai-sword-wielding blind homeless vietnam vet kicking ass. Can it possibly get any better? Check this one out, its on Netflix.

bill s (de) wrote: One of the worst movies of the year,bad sequel(and bad idea) of an iconic movie.

Gordon I (gb) wrote: So ya wanna family in the jungle?!

Henry M (mx) wrote: Christian Bale's performance was incredible in this movie. He tackles the role of a crazed psychopath seemingly with ease and doesn't let up at all. This was unlike any horror movie I had ever watched before and I mean that in a good way despite the ending being somewhat confusing and out of nowhere. Regardless I see it as a modern classic and definitely one to watch.

Jeff D (kr) wrote: Effects were terrible.