The Telling

The Telling

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. Containing three distinct stories - one featuring a murderous doll, one a has-been actress and her run in with a film crew of the undead and, finally, a hunt-and-kill fright-fest.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   jealousy,   dream,  

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. Containing three ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Surajit Kumar M (gb) wrote: Simply Superb. There are so many good movies in so many languages. One needs 100 lives to watch them all. This one is shot really beautifully. A bit long but this kind of story needs that much of time. You will not feel bore for a minute that's what the movie guarantees. Do watch it with subtitles on if you don't understand Malayalam..

Aravind V (ca) wrote: Nice family entertainment movie. Movie interesting ends with twins. Second half is slight bore with single surya and climax fight is worst. When we come to background music harris has did great job. Can watch once again for twins character.

Jayakrishnan R (es) wrote: 21%Saw this on 13/10/16Critics and Shane Carruth can shove this fucking shit up their asses. Upstream Color is senseless and extremely boring. The film's plot is non-sensical and one must read the Wikipedia plot summary to get a fucking idea of what's going on. The intentions of the pathogen breeders are poorly etched in this crap of a film. The cinematography is good, but that alone cannot account for a stupid film.

D M (br) wrote: Fred, a very fem high school boy is convinced his new music teacher (Seth Morris from The Hotwives of Orlando, Bajillion Dollar Propertie$, Workaholics, Childrens Hospital, etc) is a vampire. Fred spends the duration of the movie trying to prove this theory while isolating himself further and further from his peers. Fred is apparently based on a YouTube character conceived by the main actor. The plot is an overly-used trope and the story is full of pretty dumb humour geared towards 'tweens, but it was surprisingly funny at times. Flo stars as a neighbour and John Cena stars as Fred's imaginary father.

Cita W (es) wrote: I got an idea, instead of making this into a video, why dont you make it into tape/mp3? God damn it, they just destroy the material that they got. I felt like watching a corny karaoke slideshow while listening to Kurt Cobain talking.

Jonathan H (fr) wrote: Quite good, both the doc and the list of movies it gave me to watch.

Allen G (gb) wrote: "Every grey hair on my head I call Kinski." I don't view this one as a documentary because it consists almost entirely of Herzog reminiscing so I prefer to see it as an interview of sorts that happens to be on the topic of Kinski. Importantly, it is an interview-like thing with Herzog and so the emphasis is on him, not Kinski- the title alludes to this and that is its aim, they were two of the same in some maddening sense. I'm saying this because it is important not to view this as something about Kinski alone because it isn't, Herzog made this after Kinski's death, Kinski really had no say. If we view this as being all about Kinski then it was pretty badly done but that isn't the case. I'm a Herzog fan so I enjoy the stories- and there are some insane ones here let me tell you! I'm not a Kinski fan- the work yes but him as a human being? hell no, especially considering the sexual assault claims from his family who should always be kept in mind first whenever one thinks of Kinski's life overall, but this was interesting anyway. It is funny, oddly sweet and just every bit as bizarre as it should be. "It's the perfect combination of the mad people" recommended only for those with an interest in Herzog and/or Kinski because I imagine an outsider wouldn't take much from this.

William W (ru) wrote: Spike Lee is an unfortunate instance of a very talented filmmaker who'sobvious talent in craftsmanship doesn't come across in contemporarymainstream cinema because of issues having nothing to do with cinemaitself. I realize that in becoming great at anything in one's life,other things have to suffer, and with him it seems, at least to me,that for everything he has undoubtedly accomplished in the filmicrealm, it's created a type of 'idiot savant' (it's simply an existingterm--I certainly don't mean it pejoratively)--that is, in socialskills, at least pertaining to self-marketing, or getting across one'spersona in the field, he is lacking--and it negatively impacts hiscinema. And that's a dirty rotten shame, because this was a fine film.He and his excellent approach to cinema remind me of the Heisenbergprinciple and make me: a) wish Lee could find more happiness in hislife, so that he can come across better, and thus have his personalitynot negatively influence cinephiles like me; and b) wonder, like in 'ABeautiful Mind', if he was happier and more pleasant, if it wouldnegatively impact his filmmaking? Philosophical questions such as this tend to keep me up at night, unless I have some red wine, milk or chamomile tea to wear me out and soothe me.'Clockers' worked for me. Keitel was really on a roll when he worked in this, with 'Bad Lieutenant', 'Reservoir Dogs', 'Pulp Fiction' and 'Smoke' all around this time. It was certainly a great vintage for him, and a fine time to sample his acting.

Brittani C (ca) wrote: I love this movie is the best movie in the world

Camille L (br) wrote: Comme pour le premier opus, French Connection II possde un climax incroyable, le face-off attendu entre Fernando Rey et Gene Hackman. Mais avant cette dernire demi-heure, il faut attendre 90 minutes o on suit Gene Hackman en Amricain perdu Paris et accro l'hrone. Si le scnario est plutt inattendu (dcider de ne pas copier le premier opus est une bonne ide), il se trane tellement qu'on finit par se dsintresser totalement du personnage d'Alain Charnier, qui ne rapparat que pour lier les deux films. Gene Hackman est excellent et son duo avec Bernard Fresson marche trs bien. En revanche, les autres acteurs sont trop absents (Jean-Pierre Castaldi passe 70% du film au second plan sans jamais dire un mot, par exemple alors que c'est le partenaire de Fresson) et il manque ici le ralisme froid du film de Friedkin.

Barry T (us) wrote: A much film than i expected. Tyler Perry was an odd choice as lead but Burns and Fox were on fire. Its a bit over the top but watchable

jamie s (es) wrote: My second favourite James bond movie just after dr no

Melissa A (jp) wrote: It may have been charming for 1980, but it didn't really do anything for me. I was expecting to be totally moved by the story. Aside from finding the lead actors attractive for different reasons and enjoying the scenery and how the feeling of the early 1900s was captured, I couldn't gather my suspension of disbelief enough to feel anything from this movie. I don't want to spoil anything, but I just found most of it to be melodramatic and predictable.