The Temple

The Temple

Keshya, a simple villager believes that god has arrived in his village but everyone disbelieves him. Later when the politics plays its part things take a drastic change

Keshya, a simple villager believes that god has arrived in his village but everyone disbelieves him. Later when the politics plays its part things take a drastic change. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phillip D (br) wrote: First off, for those still disputing the dawn of the Modern Western film movement, I think the argument on this issue is over. In a Valley of Violence joins Bone Tomahawk, Slow West, The Hateful Eight, Django Unchained, The Magnificent Seven and The Revenant along with modern western hybrids in the form of Mud, Winter's Bone, Killer Joe, Hell or High Water, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Book of Eli as well as the new HBO flagship show, Westworld, which together form the rapidly expanding Modern Western movement. All seek, in one way or another, to explore the mythical delusions of the American West and lay bare the painful reality of what our country did there in the name of patriotism and duty. This movement is real, high quality and growing quickly and that is a fantastic thing. Having acknowledged that this movement isn't a myth, how does Valley of Violence fare? Generally, fairly well. Valley of Violence is, in many ways, the western version of Midnight Special, another nicely done low budget indie from this year. Minimal budget, intimate, small scope and a bit unhinged at times, the movie aims to explore its themes via dark and absurd humor. These attempts are hit-or-miss and the quality of dialogue fails to really live up to the film's tasks but the character work and some excellent scoring and cinematography really keep the viewer locked in here. Ethan Hawke is kooky as can be but manages to pull this one off nicely (between this and Magnificent Seven, the guy who I named America's most punchable actor after his awful Linklater performances may want to consider a career shift), alternating between crazy and vengeful really well. He carries his past perfectly and it's this burden that keeps his character so fascinating and, in a wise move by the director, a complete mystery throughout the film. Travolta is another comeback player here. He isn't asked to do anything exceptional but he fills the role well and offers some of the dry, dark comedic relief. A real up and comer here is Farmiga. She has really shined in her American Horror Story stints but with show collapsing at the seams, she needs to move into bigger film roles. Valley of Violence is a good start. At first, I couldn't take her character seriously and was concerned about the direction West was taking things but Farmiga sold me straight up. She goes balls to the wall with the oddness of her character and by the end, she makes a striking portrait. There isn't much more to Valley of Violence, limited as it is but that works pretty well. The violence and suffering is, as it should be, uncompromisingly awful and the idea of a lifestyle of death and pain that, once partaken in, never fully leaves the user (i.e. the colonizer) is a fascinating concept. Valley of Violence certainly has an undertone hinting at the continued societal rot began in this time period that continues today in rural America, culminating in something like Donald Trump and I can appreciate that narrative. In terms of critique, I mostly just hoped that Ti West would actually take his absurdist notions further. Instead the humor and situations are more tempered and realistic then I expected and as such, this limited film has to fight much bigger competition without really carving out its own niche to shoot from. That being said, it's entertaining, thought provoking, interesting, a little funny and worth the time this film season.

Nguyen P (au) wrote: Just love Meryl Streep, the way she acting is so fucking awesome and Julie Robert was no mistake in this

Valerie A (jp) wrote: Very cute movie but unrealistic at the same time.

Jason B (it) wrote: even thou it has a few problems its still a really creepy movie, it keeps you entertained throughout and you can expect it to freak you out

Danielle P (br) wrote: I love this movie its cute

bill s (ca) wrote: Lawrence can be funny but here he's just plain sad.

Tharun R (us) wrote: A controversial movie that tends to be polarizing in the eyes of many critics. But remember the reason why this movie is loved is because it tells a cool story and looks cool while telling said story and that can never be denied.

Jonathan D (gb) wrote: This is a very average movie. It is funny to see Alec Baldwin not fat, but he's still crazy!

Emily M (ag) wrote: Weirdly, I loved this movie when I was in preschool.

Jag S (us) wrote: another fuckin superb performance...richie's da man.

Kevin M W (it) wrote: Although this Gaslight knockoff features a solid cast, the plot and direction (artistically sound, yet lacking storytelling fundamentals) leaves much to be desired. Ameche "tells" (per direction I'm sure) the first minute he is onscreen. Yech. But everyone does okay insofar as delivering-a-story-you-already-know-how-it-goes goes. The Chinese wedding sequence (featuring Asians laughing, kissing, and dancing - not sinister, not the racist Hollywood I grew up watching at all) really the only surprise in this "mystery".

Lawrence B (de) wrote: Excellent historical drama focusing on the complex relationship between fiery English king Henry II (a fabulous Peter O'Toole) and archbishop Thomas Becket (Richard Burton). Entertaining and pacy, with two acting heavyweights in their prime, Peter Grenville's dramatisation of Jean Anouilh's stage play is a splendid screen adaptation and a history lesson well worth catching.

Chuck L (nl) wrote: Great film, not sure why critics paned it so much.

Monica D (nl) wrote: Hilarious, have watched it several times

Matt H (br) wrote: Loved it. A weird look at suggestibility through tv with a dash of 80's politics. Also if anyone would've told me how much naked Debbie Harry there was, I'd have seen this a long time ago.

(kr) wrote: VIEWS ON FILM review by Jesse BurlesonA father/daughter, Hollywood ending preceded by killings, shootings, chases, and slight torture oh my! Could it be Vince Vaughn starring in another farce? Heck no. He's trying to revive his career with the help of Ralphie from A Christmas Story!Anyway, despite the fugly manner in which Vaughn runs from the bad guys or the sort of drab narration he spouts out, his Term Life is still a movie that I'm going to recommend. It's a crime drama so my initial thought was why were he and director Peter Billingsley attached to it in the first place. Granted, Mr. Sunshine has been churning out bad comedies so I guess he wanted to get serious this time. He plays thief Nick Barrow and to a degree, he kinda pulls the character off. Billingsley, well he has only helmed one other film being 2009's dreadful, Couples Retreat. With "Term", he thankfully comes off as more experienced. He's aggressive behind the camera, capturing every little criminalistic detail and staging a gunfight or two with ample precision. His Term Life plays like a B movie but it's better than most. It tries really hard to make you think there's something greater beneath the surface.Now in spite of featuring irrelevant cameos by notable actors (did Taraji P. Henson, Annabeth Gish, Jon Favreau, and Mike Epps owe Peter B. a favor?), "Term" still insures that you'll be focused on its breakneck storyline. In the film, Hailee Steinfeld reprises her role as the resentful daughter from 2014's 3 Days to Kill. Don't worry though. Her performance and Term Life itself, are much better than "Kill's" hindered discombobulation.With 1973 giving us Paper moon, 2012 giving us Erased, and now 2016 giving us the harmless yet relatively entertaining Term Life, the father/daughter movie brigade is continuing if not prevailing. The title of "Term" (which I thought meant a lengthy prison sentence) has to do with Vince Vaughn's Barrow taking out a life insurance policy for his daughter (Steinfeld as Cate Barrow). You see Nick Barrow is being hunted down by hit men, corrupt cops, and the mob. Why you ask? Because as a thief, he sold his heist to the wrong people and the job went sour. Cate is also in trouble. They can get to her just as fast as they can get to him. Together, father and little one hide out incognito to try and figure out why their well being is in danger. They also try to figure out who later on, set them up (for murder). Watch for the antagonistic Bill Paxton playing a dirty detective named Keenan. He channels the role in virtually the same vein as when he played the despicable Earl in 2 Guns. Also, look out for an extensive use of Georgia locales plus Vince Vaughn's almost unrecognizable hairstyle. Paul McCartney called and says he wants his mop top back (ha ha).In conclusion, with an adjusted gross of about $21,256, it's safe to say that "Term" won't be the comeback vehicle Vince Vaughn was hoping for. I as a critic, also feel like this isn't a turning point in his career. I do however, give him credit for trying to recreate the dramatic roles he inhabited some twenty odd years ago (examples would be Domestic Disturbance, Return to Paradise, and A Cool, Dry Place). Bottom line: At 90-100 minutes, I've seen much worse from Vaughn and various, clown directors who try to better limited release dreck. Rating: 3 stars.