The Ten

The Ten

Ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments.

The film tells ten stories, each inspired by one of the Ten Commandments. With each story told in a different style, but containing overlapping characters and themes, the film is a grand burlesque boasting an all-star cast that puts the sin back in cinema. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Ten torrent reviews

Lance D (kr) wrote: I have to admit, I had to stop watching this movie. Script, dialogue pretty bad. Now, it is a kid/family movie, I understand, but there are better family films out there to see. The Big Show does portray a likable character, so I hope he gets another chance at a starring role. (Go see Nacho Libre instead.)

Heidi C (mx) wrote: Worst movie ever! Seen some really bad movies, this one, well really really appealed to no one nor was fit for anyone to see whom it may have appealed to.

Fred D (de) wrote: Not the all-time-best movie, but nice to watch!

Thomas B (jp) wrote: Solid rental ,cheesy as hell but you pay for get and sometimes cheesy movies are fun if well made

Angela G (kr) wrote: don't you hate movies that get you interested and then totally crap the bed? well here you go. a film with absolutely zero point, no conclusion, and a vague pseudo attempt at being a folk musical.

Christina E (ca) wrote: I own the book & have seen the film about 30 times now . . .

Samantha F (es) wrote: i thought it was a typical gangster film loads of blood and violence, although the story was good and i enjoyed the ending i felt it went on for too long

Ryan M (ru) wrote: While slightly heavy-handed at times, Oliver Stone succeeds in delivering a scathing critique of the hypocritical duplicity of the American media. In many ways, the aggressively eccentric tone reflects the animosity with which segments of the news media take advantage of the sensuous nature of the consumer.

Javor B (es) wrote: An intelligent film with great lead performances.

Torian T (it) wrote: Damn. It can't even get a poster though. Thats kinda fucked up. But yeah, this is another funny african american comedy from the late 80s-early 90s era of comedy. it isn't the best performances from martin lawrence and the other ensemble cast members. but it is still funny.

Javor B (jp) wrote: Good acting and intelligent story make up for the disappointing ending.

Private U (au) wrote: Doris of ther best.

Nick M (ru) wrote: Any movie with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly is sure to be a success! This one shows the struggle of running a show, which I can relate to, and it has some great catchy songs!

Clay M (es) wrote: One of the best films I have ever seen

Alberto N (mx) wrote: This movie is geared for people that watch the series. I liked the movie, in my opinion it was a good flick and pretty much marks the end of the next generation movies.

Harry M (gb) wrote: A very good drama by a director who knows how to pill the strings of your heart. Lee Remick is at her most fragile and beautiful and Clift, toward the end of his career, is also convincing. Very moving and effective.

Brian C (mx) wrote: Pimp baby, i'm a Pimp dont make me get my baby powder, and slap you like the hoe u's is.