The Tenants

The Tenants

A satirical comedy about the oddball inhabitants of a Tehran apartment building and their landlord.

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Lee P (mx) wrote: slow but in a good way

Martin I (au) wrote: A short story where none of the charcetrs are really developed in any coherent way. The plot is here and there and it doesn't really build to anything. The animations efforts to replicate the art of the period is noted, however the effect fails most of the time - everything is far too pale and blurred. There are one or two decent sequences and scenes of good animation which led it the stars I have given., although it's quite poor.

LUC D (ca) wrote: Slow movie but intresting how Russians live.

Teddy L (es) wrote: On par with the movie 'Dahmer', this is an nonfactual "thrill ride". I use the term thrill ride incredibly loosely for this film's sake. Instead of a "charming" Bundy, we see Nemec playing....well...not much of anything. Quite horrid through and through. I'm not sure why they can't seem to make factual movies based on serial killers lives, but it seems to be impossible for Hollywood.

Eric R (ru) wrote: Reviewed 2015- Great performance by McDormand. Other than that, I guess it doesn't "hold up". A simple ransom story, no twist as stated in the synopsis. Mostly bland (I guess like Minnesota) if not for Steve Bushemi. Disappointed overall, after so much hype and great reviews from everyone.

Jay W (au) wrote: This is not cannon Macross.I love Ishtar, super hotty. The rest can go to hell in this tragedy of the Macross Legend!

Ryan H (us) wrote: Mira Nair gives a good lead character to follow, but Salaam Bombay! is overlong and loses focus. We start out following Krishna, a boy who lives on the streets in Bombay because his mother told him he can only come back home if he makes 500 rupees to pay back his brother's bike. Krishna decides to do odd jobs around the city, as well as work for a guy selling tea. He also makes connections with other boys that live on the streets. This could have worked if we wouldn't have left Krishna for a second. Nair sets it up from the beginning that we are going to be following Krishna by showing us his journey before he gets to Bombay. So really, when we leave him we are disconnecting from the story. I understand why she wanted to tell the story of Baba and Rekha, but I'm not so sure she went about it in the right way. It was an interesting side plot though. Someone last night (I'm not going to say who out of respect) was flat out wrong about the characters. This person typically wants everything spoon fed to him and doesn't want subtlety or a back story before the film starts. This is what The 400 Blows does much better than this film. Here, the characters are too much in your face. Nair doesn't show us how the characters are, rather she mostly tells us. We get that his friend turns into a junky. We see that quite enough. Also, I always got the feeling that Baba was powerful and dangerous because no one seems to mess with him. But why? I haven't seen him actually do something dangerous. There were undertones for a while, but without him actually doing anything we start to think our assumptions are wrong and these people are afraid for no reason. Again, the story behind Rekha wanting to stop being a prostitute is well done, if only it was outside of this film. Seeing her be with Manju in prison and get denied to take her out because of her job is pretty great. They are tough emotions. On one hand we are angry because she can't get her daughter back, but then we look back on the way she treated her while having sex with other guys. There is no black and white there, and I like it. But this really didn't have much to do with Krishna's story. Nair captures the life of the kids living on the streets in Bombay well, but if it was more concentrated and shorter it could have been as good as the films she was influenced by.

Brendan D (it) wrote: Wonderful. They don't make em like this anymore

Jennifer W (nl) wrote: beautifully innocent sweet story

Chris T (de) wrote: Watch it in a post-modern, ironic way if you must, but there's no denying it's about a million times better than 'The Swarm'...

John Y (ru) wrote: Not little romantic comedy, but not nearly as good as the classic romantic comedies it tries to imitate.

Brad S (br) wrote: Rewatched this classic by Werner Herzog on Blu-ray. The film looked great, but pales in comparison to the original. Klinski is creepy as Count Dracula, but the pacing of the film is quite slow. Fans of Herzog and/or Vampires will enjoy it though!

Richard M (ru) wrote: Dated with some moldy cheese, but engaging nonetheless.