The Tender Hook

The Tender Hook

The story is about Iris' rise to the apex of a love/power triangle that includes her roguish English lover, McHeath and Art, an earnest young boxer. Within the flawed moral landscape, each character struggles to establish their sovereignty.

The story is about Iris' rise to the apex of a love/power triangle that includes her roguish English lover, McHeath and Art, an earnest young boxer. Within the flawed moral landscape, each character struggles to establish their sovereignty. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason K (it) wrote: This one had a bit too many plot points that i felt were unneeded and odd choices, but all in- its still a better movie then most US productions. (as is normally the case for all Well Go USA films)

Kirstin M (mx) wrote: Surprisingly nuanced and well developed for a low-budget sci-fi series. And great acting throughout. Some plot problems stemming from how it was structured as a two-part pilot reassembled into a TV movie. Overall very enjoyable. I wish it had been picked up.

Bubba M (ag) wrote: Very well conceived; my roommate guessed that a woman had written it but I disagreed. He thought a woman wrote it because it was so hateful to men. But I felt a man wrote it because a woman would not have written it with so much violent. You'd think that this type movie could have no novel endings, that it's all been done before, but not only was it good because it was novel but it was just plain brilliant.

Dylan S (br) wrote: Some Days Are Better Than Others does exactly one thing well: capturing the inescapable stasis of living in Portland, by making you, the viewer, feel like time has completely stopped for its entire running length and robbing you of all hope for any sort of stimulation. It flagrantly tells but does not show, the characters personalities defy any descriptors more pointed than "sad" and even the dream sequence, typically a director's carte blanche to go wild, is so unbelievably uninteresting and pointless that it blends seamlessly in with the rest of this completely empty film.

Bryan L (au) wrote: Pretty, strange and poetic. A must-see.

Aran F (it) wrote: An incredibly stupid film which depicts Irish people as backward, racist and as they were two hundred years ago. Its no wonder they decided to film it in Cornwall in England using only English actors because of the reaction they would of got in Ireland or with Irish actors.

Ale T (mx) wrote: Although she's a delusional psychopath, she's somewhat adorable still. Nice acting, and decent plot.

Daniel R (nl) wrote: Although my expectations weren't high for this movie coming in, I was still a little disappointed with it. I thought it was at least going to have more action in it but it didn't deliver on that. Just a lot of repetitive talking. Not worth watching.

Jamie C (gb) wrote: Very funny teen comedy, Shocking and embarrassing at times, It's the start of a great bunch of comedys, And I don't mean the pointless straight to dvd ones either, All the cast had funny moments but Seann William Scott was great.

Nick C (us) wrote: Pretty good watch, onbiously gets more interesting as his life falls apart. True story which makes it pretty mental, would have liked to have seen a film with more emphasis on when he was in prison.The guy from four lions is in it!

Trevor K (kr) wrote: Without doubt the most spine tingling, skin crawling film I've seen in a long time. Possibly since Audition. I really wasn't expecting that level of horror, those little claws popping out the end of the devices legs and then the close up of them piercing his flesh had me squirming. Marvellously creepy in parts, it still had a very human heart to it, epitomising the film, the mechanical and the organic. The shot of Jesus on the bathroom floor licking the blood was a cold, beautiful, visceral, disgusting thrill.Just a superb film, beautifully shot, expertly weighted, everything worked together perfectly. The only minor quibble I'd have with the film is that the reborn Jesus looked like a septugenarian Thriller extra. Nevertheless, my favourite Del Toro film

Harry W (au) wrote: Bird overwhelms itself with its complicated structure and so it's story about famous musical legend Charlie "The Bird" Parker is clustered and somewhat excessive in its dynamics jumping out of random places, even though it has a consistently slow pace. The general focus seems to lack consistency in it an frankly Clint Eastwood focuses on emphasising moments of Charlie Parker's life and then jumping to the next point without really allowing the actors to make the transition. Basically, like many biopics, Bird is clunky and the main benefit to understand Charlie Parker is through the depth given by its lead actor's performance. But truly with all that it relies on Forest Whitaker to hold Bird aloft. Alas, Bird in fact had the living embodiment of Charlie "The Bird" Parker to play the titular role. Forest Whitaker, who put intense study into understanding the mind of Charlie Parker teaches us about him through his ability to capture emotional intensity and manipulate his emotions as seen fit, and the product turns him into an impeccably strong and dedicated character actor overnight due to a performance worthy of an Academy Award nomination. It's Forest Whitaker who works to breath life into this biopic about a legendary musician, and he does so by becoming one himself, at the same time as becoming The Bird.Diane Venora and Michael Zelniker also worked hard to their roles and have strong performances to bold to their names.And frankly Clint Eastwood does do a good job as a director overall because of the strong dramatisation he does through application of the atmosphere.The atmosphere in Bird is immaculate. It captures the atmosphere of Blues music through its groovy music but dark visuals, made available through atmospheric lighting. Along with that is great costuming and a perfect timing look which gives Bird an excellent production design befitting to the iconic musician it covers. The music is also excellent.So Bird has flaws, but it has an impeccable atmosphere and a great lead performance from Forest Whitaker in one of his finest, so it's a mostly successful biopic.

Colleen W (ag) wrote: A very sentual movie about lesbians and a first experience with a woman in hot shorts!!

Jamie J (br) wrote: Very exciting caveman movie!

Josas G (ru) wrote: La pelcula es mala de principio a fin

Kristopher M (nl) wrote: the directors edition was better than the theatre version

Russ B (nl) wrote: 4/2/2016: considering the goofy storyline, it wasn't too bad a flick. No need to really watch it more than once though,

Frank P (it) wrote: I love the concept I love the ideas, what let me down was the quality of the acting and character development, Richard Dean Anderson plays Colonel Jack O'Neil much better than Kurt Russell and Michael Shanks a much better Daniel Jackson than James Spader other than I love it and watch it over and over. I don't care if it was a precurser for Independence day I loved the whole Stargate Franchise and took 15 years of pleasure just watching the TV Shows. Without this film there would be no TV Shows.