The Tenement Ghost

The Tenement Ghost

She loved him but he loved the bottle.

She loved him but he loved the bottle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy G (ag) wrote: Doghouse is it good low budget horror movie about guys taking a weekend away from their girlfriends to go to a small town full of women of Zombies. some good horror comedy from British actors. B

Hayley M (au) wrote: I like it. The character chemistry was good, the way they portrayed the vampires was done well. It was compelling, thrilling and stayed in the lines of the original underworlds (unlike Underworld awakening).

Aleksandar J (ru) wrote: Ovo je naravno potpuna katastrofa od filma u svakom pogledu (posebno u specijalnim efektima), ali apsolutno neobjasnjivo - donekle je gledljiv. Naravno, zaboravite ovu gore sliku, nema nista slicno u filmu. Sve se desava u nekim hodnicima pod zemljom, zmije se ne vide precesto, a i kad se vide toliko su lose animirane da je bolje da se ne vide.

Tucker M (us) wrote: alright, i didn't like the end it left it open for another movie that i don't want to see.

Private U (jp) wrote: it was okay. hard to read the captions.

Joseph A (kr) wrote: Rush Hour in the Old West. Uninspired, unambitious, and doesn't even really have any great action scenes.

allen t (ru) wrote: all maniac nurses should find X eh

Abel D (br) wrote: Perhaps dated, mainly down to an unusual synth soundtrack, Donner's fantasy tale is still a fun time. In fact, it sort of tongue in cheek humour sort of acts as a forerunner for the method POTC would adopt. Also helps when you ahve three strong central performances, as well as vibrant cinematography courtesy of the one and only Vittorio Stantoro.

Ben R (nl) wrote: Meh, if you like some hot late 70's softcore porn actresses topless in 1800's french whore clothes, then this might be your thing. Boring as all hell and doesn't have that much of a plot at all. This tries to be a supernatural time traveling soft core exploitation film and it pretty much fails.

Dan K (kr) wrote: dont usually like the detective type story, but losey combines it with interesting ideas based around the fear and dread of a fuck up system and stolen idenity, similar to Kafka/ Orwell work... good stuff! ( I recommend this and Tin Drum for a Nazi-double bill)

shawn p (au) wrote: I wish i hadn't seen this film so could watch it again.

Lori L (ag) wrote: Tonight's at home flick for the older set