The Terence Davies Trilogy

The Terence Davies Trilogy

These three semi-autobiographical short films by Terence Davies follow the journey of Robert Tucker, first seen as a hangdog child in "Children", then as a hollow-eyed middle-aged man in "Madonna and Child", and finally as a decrepit old man in "Death and Transfiguration". Dreamlike and profoundly moving.

Davies' film is divided into three segments enitled "Children", "Madonna and Child", and "Death and Transfiguartion". The segments tell the life of Robert Tucker. The first segment looks at... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dylan I (nl) wrote: Really stupid ending

darla d (mx) wrote: The only thing this film has going for it is that the sex is "unsimulated". Sounds hot, right? Sure if into seeing how many different expressions she can make when she comes.

Megan C (us) wrote: The actual story line wasn't too bad.....but in my opinion the acting was horrible...or maybe the script was just poorly written...i dunno. I guess I just expected more from this movie than what I got.

EllenRebekah A (gb) wrote: Full of lots and lots of holes. Needed to remind myself it was a kid's caper movie. But kid's can have intelligent movies as well. Only issue, aside from the many realism and believability issues, that many will think is over-thinking: what does it say that Maddie gets the boys to do what she wants by lying about her feelings? Enjoyed Stewart's younger work.

Sarah S (de) wrote: Beautiful imagery, but I found it...slow. I guess that's how I'd describe it. Some sections really pulled me in, but the music and Holm's narration made this quite drawn out. The title of this is the most shocking thing about this. Pass.

John N (ca) wrote: In my opinion, this the best out of the 3.

Lawrence W (jp) wrote: It is an amiable con comedy.

Michael S (nl) wrote: For most of the time its one of the most superbly crafted suspense films to be seen, with superior performances doing far more than simply carrying the story along, but it all winds down rather sleepily, de-fusing the nail biting tension that's been so well paced. It all ends on a rather bland sigh of relief; no wonder the Brits loved it so. Kim Stanley steals the show. Perfect for a rainy day.

Matt H (fr) wrote: The movie itself is pretty dull, but I do find Bergman's struggles with religion interesting. He grew up in a strict Catholic family, and it's interesting to see him struggle to shed the teachings taught to him throughout his life and come to the conclusion religion is bogus and there is most likely no god, and he is doing this from his films as well as his life.

Nathaniel B (mx) wrote: Russell Crowe is my favorite actor. I really like his performance here. And to me, the fight sequences are realistic and exciting. It gave me the feel that I was really looking in the past when the Coliseum was still used.

Rose E (jp) wrote: This movie is great. Thoughtfully crafted characters & a beautiful story.

Dolores H (ag) wrote: Gave me the basics of what the LHC and CERN is all about. Brilliant doc.